How Secure is Slack-Things You Must know

Last Updated on July 17, 2022

Slack no doubt is growing when it comes to the users and their positive experience. Among the positive experience, some users had negative experiences regarding the security of Slack too! So, how secure is Slack?

Are your company and the data safe with Slack?

Let’s learn about it!

How Secure is Slack

Security of Slack and the Hacking

The platform Slack was first launched in 2013 for communication and collaboration. Back then, it was a mere alternative to Microsoft’s team tool. Then, the users could communicate with the platform instantly.

It worked for full conversation logs and group messages too. As a result, the businesses got interested in it as with this, they can share messages instantly. Also, as it has integrations with some business apps, they found it convenient.

Security of Slack and the Hacking

But in 2015, Slack got hacked and it proved that it has holes in its security. According to the company’s announcement, it was noted that over four days, the system of Slack was hacked. And in this process, the data of some users were compromised too.

The compromised data included usernames and emails. Along with this, it also included encrypted passwords. After properly investigating, they found out that there are some suspicious activities on a few user accounts.

Rebirth of Slack

Learning how to add GIFs in Slack or how to use Slack for project management isn’t enough. Before you get your hands on it, it’s necessary to ensure that it’s safe for your business. As Slack got hacked before, is Slack still unsafe? Or did it improve the security protocols after the breach?

As Slack got hacked, the users were concerned about their data. To rescue the customers from immediate and future hacking situations, Slack implemented two-factor authentication which brought up a good impression.

Along with introducing this feature, Slack also came up with more improved security technology to safeguard the users and their data.

How Slack ensure The Security

If you ask if Slack is completely secure or not, we won’t be able to answer this directly, Yes, Slack has come up with a lot of security features. But it cannot be said that it is invulnerable to attacks in the future. You are capable of managing the users and ground, assigning roles along with permission. There are three categories of security in this platform. Take a look

  • Data Protection
  • Identity and Device Management
  • Information Governance

According to the company, the security of Slack is focused on security governance, compliance, and risk management. The process includes encryption both in transit and at rest. Also, it includes encryption at network security and server hardening. Also, the admin access control and logging or alerting and system monitoring are added here.

To make the security better and protect the users, Slack came with Enterprise Key Management in 2019. With this feature, the admin gets the ability to get your eyes on who is sharing what. Also, they can revoke user access permissions if necessary!

slack and its security

The platform comes with a host of compliance organizations like the ISO/IEC or the Cloud Security Alliance. But keep in mind that if you are going for the standard versions of Slack, you won’t get the HIPAA complaint there.

There are other factors to note here too. According to a report by CNBC, these tools will only work if the businesses and companies are using them. There are so many organizations where Slack and other cloud-based tools enter from the “bottom-up.”

In this method, normal employees can use them too. In this process, they use it only for their productivity but while leaving, leave IT into the loop! They are not yet aware of the risks and if they are not aware, they won’t be using the protections!

Security Concerns of Slack

Platform Side Explained

No matter how many security features Slack has added, there are still chances of possible attacks. Leaks are common when it comes to the business side’s poor security protocols. The data breach back in 2015 exposed the email addresses and usernames.

Also, it leaked the encrypted passwords and mobile numbers stored by the businesses. Your company cannot control such threats.

Not only Slack but also the other platforms won’t be able to provide you 100% guarantee that the protocols will never be breached. While picking up Slack, you must keep these in mind.

Customer’s Side Explained

In online platforms like Slack, insider threat is not uncommon. According to reports, more than 34% of security incidents have internal actors’ involvement. In this case, the health care and education industries are at higher risk.

Secure your collaboration with Slack | Slack for Security

Wrap Up

Slack has improved a lot from its initial position and has introduced a lot of security protocols and features. By following the security methods, you can safeguard your business too. However, it’s not possible to give 100% surety of the security.

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