How To Share Your screen in Slack |Step By Step

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

One of the best things that work comes to handling a business is showing the clients, staff, or others more than just telling them how to work! But in remote business, it was nearly impossible. Now, things are easy because we have options to share screens! If you are a Slack user, let’s learn How To Share Your screen in Slack in a few steps!

Learn How to Sharing Screen in Slack

Go through the steps and learn how easy it is to share your screen with the other users of Slack while in call! 

Steps to Slack Screen Share

Follow the steps and work on it! And if you are facing issues, learn what to do when you see Slack Screen Share not working!

  1. No matter you want to learn how to share screen on Slack Mac or Windows, first of all, you have to get into Slack. No matter you are using Slack directly from your browser or you are using the app, get into Slack. Make sure you provide your necessary details for logging in. If these are provided already, you can directly get into Slack.
  2. Once you are in Slack, you have to go through Slack and open the Slack workspace. And then, head for the direct message option. Once you are in a direct message, you have to start a call. You can share your screen when you are on a call- that’s pretty basic.

Or you can simply search for the name of a member with who you want to share your screen. And then, go to direct message with that person. There, you will see a Call button available. All you need is to call the member. Check the right-hand panel to start the call.

start call

3. You might want to go for a call in a channel too! Starting a new call in a channel is also easy. For this, you have to go for the username. And then, a pop-up will appear on the screen. You have to go for the call button added in that pop-up section and press or tap it.

Once you do it, you will get a confirmation message. If you are ready, confirm that you want to call by selecting Start Call here.

4. So now, you have established a call already. When you are in between the call, you can start sharing your screen. For this, you have to check the bottom part of the screen while you are calling.

There will be a few options available to choose from which includes mute, video, reactions, share screen and leave. All you need is to go for the Share Screen option available among them.

5.In some cases, a few people prefer to connect more than one monitor to their PC. If you are doing the same, you will get an option for choosing. You have to select which one you want to share when these options are available before you.

With this facility, you will be able to share specific apps on one screen. As a result, the other screen of the other monitor will stay private.

stay private

Note: There are some basic rules for Slack screen sharing that you might want to know before you share your screen.

In Slack, it’s only possible that one user is sharing their screen at one point. If any other user tries to share their screen beside the previous one, it won’t work. So, if you see another user already sharing their screen, you cannot share your screen at that time.

You can only do it after the user stops sharing their screen. For the specific time, the user who is sharing the screen will be an active user for the whole time he is sharing the screen. And in this period, no other camera feed will be prominent except the user already sharing the screen.

6. Now you have successfully shared your screen. But what if you want to stop screen sharing? Do you need to cut the call for stopping it? Well, no, you don’t need to cut the call for stopping the screen sharing.

stop sharing now

All you need is to check the screen and search for the button called Stop Screen Sharing. Once you get your hands on this option and press it, the screen sharing will end. And eventually, the call will turn into a regular video call.

Drawing in Slack Screen Share

At some point, people might want to make their screen shares more interactive and this is when drawing on the shared screen comes in. Learning about the Slack screen sharing controls is necessary too! Let’s learn how to do it

  1. While you are sharing the screen, all you need is to check the screen and search for the icon Draw. When you get it, click or tap on it,
  2. Now, you are free to use the trackpad or mouse, or touchscreen and use the draw on-screen facility. You might want to prevent the participants from joining in this case. All you need is to settle for the Draw Together icon which is right beside the Draw icon.

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How to Share your Screen in a Call in Slack

Wrap Up

You see, the sharing screen isn’t that tough. Whenever you are in a call, you can do it easily just by tapping or clicking on the screen! In this case, the best thing is, the icons added to the screen for added features have a title added so that even if you don’t know, you can use them.

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