TeamSpeak vs Discord: Which Is The Better For Communication

Last Updated on July 29, 2022

While Discord has been in the gaming application world for a long time, TeamSpeak is gaining popularity these days for its far-fetched voice quality recently. 

Both of these apps afford a great user experience. However, some features make them dissimilar.

Here, we will discuss Discord vs. TeamSpeak so that you can choose the right app for your needs!


Well, Discord is surely more popular when it comes to voice chat. The platform started with the idea of proper communication between gamers.

However, it has turned the tables and has become one of the top prioritized communication platforms for users these days. The app has turned into a social media network now.

The platform allows you to create and join servers. Initially, it is free and there are paid options available too. On every server, there are options for adding different channels so that you can deal with different topics.

Also, the members of the server can have sets of roles too. With this app, chatting is easier as you can send messages, gifs, and pictures without any hassles.


For gaming voice chat facilities, TeamSpeak is quite famed. During gameplay, it is used in Esports leagues.

With this platform, you can create servers and join them too. And in this way, it gears up communication. This app is used for in-game chats mostly and has incredible voice quality.

Though there are situations when you need to pay bandwidth fees for using it, don’t worry much because the use of bandwidth is less here.

Also, the extremely amazing sound quality of this app makes it a perfect catch if you are dealing with a larger group. No matter what the situation is, you can speak and listen to everybody more clearer than a lot of other apps of this genre.

The Comparison between Discord and TeamSpeak

Here’s a comparison chart to give you the image that differs between Discord vs. TeamSpeak!

The Comparison between Discord and TeamSpeak

The User Interface

When it comes to the user interface of Discord, it surely deserves acknowledgment because it has an intuitive user interface. It’s easy for the newbies. Yes, the app looks different than the other available apps the interface is smooth and easy to understand.

While Discord has an easy-to-use interface, user-friendliness is not much in TeamSpeak. Any new user faces difficulties while using it.

Payment System

Discord offers options to host servers without any cost. The software required for Discord is free too. Discord Nitro is available as the paid option for the upgraded features available on this platform. In the case of TeamSpeak, if you have the hardware to host a server, you can enjoy it for free.

But this doesn’t work the same every time. If you don’t have your own hardware for hosting a server, you will need to pay the bandwidth fees. And only with the fees, you will be able to hone a server via TeamSpeak.

Text Features

There are several text chat features added with the voice chat options. Within each server, you can enjoy the texts by sending emojis, photos, files, gifs, etc. But the same doesn’t go for TeamSpeak. It lacks a few text features that Discord provides.

Users and Communities

Discord allows you to enjoy the discussion. There are tons of servers here. As a result, it gets easier for the users to join the servers they prefer and then discuss whatever topic they find interesting. It is not only a gaming discussion platform anymore.

Instead, tons of people are using it as social media by hosting different types of servers. You can simply get into the right Discord server and chat with your friends or make new friends.

Talking about movies to music- things are pretty neat and easier in this app. However, things are not this easy with TeamSpeak. As it required fees, the users are still on the lower side compared to Discord.

In-Game Overlay

In TeamSpeak, you will get its own overlay when it comes to playing games. You might need to use TeamSpeak while you are in your game. For these situations, you will get an overlay option that you can access when you are in an in-game situation.

With this facility, you can settle for text chats. Also, if you want to bring any changes to the TeamSpeak settings, you can do it from here. The same is offered by Discord.

It has its own overlay that you can go for in in-game situations. The best part of this one is it is customization. You can customize the overlay and enjoy the appearance you prefer!

Final Words

Now you know that there are petty differences between these two platforms. However, both are known for their top-notch features. The best you can do is settle for the free version of Discord at first and then go for TeamSpeak afterward. According to us, Discord is popular among users for a reason!

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