How To Change Discord Token-Step-By-Step Guide

Last Updated on July 15, 2022

Evil is not rare and so isn’t the risk of losing your Discord account! Discord token is a unique series of numbers with letters and it is created when you log in to your account. In short, this works as an authorization code and is usually passed from a client to the server.

While it ensures or verifies that you are the account holder, if this is stolen, you might lose access to your account! Don’t you want to know how to change Discord token in easy steps?

Methods to Change Discord Token

With a Discord Token Grabber, someone can steal your Discord token and gain access to it. Also, with their heinous plans, they can ruin your reputation; steal your personal and professional data too! In this case, changing the discord token is the best option to safeguard your account.

When it comes to changing the Discord token, often, people get worried. Well, there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is change your Discord account’s password.

This will automatically reset the Discord token without any hassle! Also, Discord has confirmed via Twitter that you changing your password will reset or change the Discord token.

How to Change Discord Token in Mobile

The previously mentioned method is for changing the token of your Discord account on PC. However, you might be a mobile user too! Here’s how you can change the token by changing the password in Discord mobile!

1. Firstly, you need to open the Discord app on your phone. This method works for both iPhone and Android. Go for anyone and open the Discord app. There, you have to look at the top-left corner of the screen. You will find an option that has three horizontal lines or the hamburger option. Once you find it, you have to click on it. By clicking this, you will see a new menu before you.

2. Now, you have to move to the bottom-right part of the page. There, you will see your profile picture if you are an iOS user.

Or if you are an Android user, you will see a gear icon added there. All you need is to tap on it. It will bring the Settings option on the screen.

3. When you check the settings option, you will see another menu appear before you. This menu will have several options available.

All you need is to search for the option called Account. Once you find it, click on it. And there, you will see an option called Change Password. Tap on it.

4. After you have tapped on it, you will be asked your current password. With that, you have to add the new password you want to add here. Fill in the blanks and save the settings you have changed.

It will log you out of all the sessions. You can now log in with your new password. And with this change password, your token will be changed too!

How to Change Discord Token on PC

If you use Discord on PC, you can change the Discord token by changing the password. Let’s learn how to change the Discord token by changing the Discord password on your computer!

  1. No matter whether you use a Windows PC or Mac; this method will work for you. To do this, first, you have to go for the Discord app on your computer. There, check the bottom-left part of the screen. Right beside your profile picture, there will be a gear icon added. Click on the gear icon.
  2. This will bring out the settings for Discord on the screen. There, you will see several tabs available. Among them, there’s an option called My Account- find this one and click on it. Now, you will see a blue option named EDIT. Click on this one.
  3. It’s time for you to change the password. Search for the option in the list named ‘Change Password.’ By clicking this option, you will see a new text field available before you. Here, you need to add the new password that you want to set for your account.
  4. Also, keep in mind that you will need the previous password for changing this one. Once you have filled the boxes of current and new passwords, you need to save the changes by clicking SAVE.
clicking SAVE

5. There you go- you have changed the password of your account. And with it, the Discord token is also changed. If you don’t remember the previous or current password, you can appeal for resetting the password too!

Discord: How to get your account token

Final Words

So, let’s now give anyone the option to change your token and do what they want with your account. It is your account and only you should have the access to it!

Make sure you are deleting the cookies so that no one can steal them from you. Also, if this happens, all you need is to follow the steps we have mentioned!

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