How To Get Animated Avatar on Discord

Last Updated on February 28, 2022

We all love a moving profile picture, don’t we? Yes, but how do they add a moving DP in Discord? Is it possible for us to do the same too? Well, yes, we can add an animated avatar or GIF in Discord as our profile picture too!

So, how are you planning to do it? Do you know how to get an animated avatar on Discord with the help of Nitro Discord? Let us tell you!

Is Nitro Necessary?

Unfortunately, it’s necessary to subscribe to Nitro Discord if you want to get an animated avatar on Discord. You cannot add a GIF to the Discord if you don’t have Nitro. This is the easiest and the best way to add a moving profile picture. There are several Nitro plans available. You can go for either the monthly plans or the yearly ones. The yearly one is cost-effective. Subscribe to it and then add the GIF to your profile picture!

Animated Avatar as Profile Picture

If you want to get an animated avatar as your profile picture on Discord, you can do it! However, for this, you will need Nitro. Check out the steps to get it as a profile picture via Nitro. In this method, we will tell you how you can get the animated avatar version on the Discord desktop version. Let’s check out the process to get it!

  1. First of all, get your hands on Nitro. This is the easiest way to do it. Go through your desktop and get into the desktop version of Discord. Logging in is necessary when you want to get into Discord. When you are in Discord after the login procedure, you have to settle for the User Settings.
  2. Check the option “User Settings” and click it. Search beside your profile picture. Beside it, you will see a gear icon available. That is the User Settings. Click on it now. Here, you will see the user settings. Check the left sidebar here. There are multiple options available like My Account, User Profile, and more.
  3. From these options, go for the Billing Settings header. Once you click it, you will get to see an option called Discord Nitro. If you want to go to the Nitro Page, you have to click Discord. After clicking Discord Nitro, it will take you to the Discord Nitro page.

Subscribe to Nitro Discord

  • In some cases, you might not have the Discord Nitro. For this, you have to settle for the option Subscribe added there. After you have clicked the Subscribe option, you need to settle for Select a Plan. There, you will get to see several plans available for you.
  • You can choose any plan you like according to your preference. There will be monthly plans and yearly plans. As you are subscribing to Discord, you must know that if you go for the yearly plans, you will be able to save some bucks. Anyway, select a plan and then click to confirm it
  • Go for the payment details and pay for the plan you have selected. After that, you have to enter your address and specific details. Once you settle for them, check the Discord Terms of Service, and Nitro will be activated! A pop-up will open before you and you will be able to use Discord Nitro now.
  • You have to search online for your favorite GIF. Find the GIF that you will like on tenor first. Once you find it via the online GIF search engine, you have to save it too.
  • After saving the GIF, it’s time for you to change the profile picture. Go to the user profile on Discord first. There, you need to change your profile picture to GIF. This will make the profile picture animated.
  • In this case, you might want to view all the animated profile pictures. For this, it’s necessary to navigate to a small Discord server. Once you are in, you have to search for your profile. There will be a member list of the server. You have to search your profile there. When you get it, click on it.
  • After clicking your profile, the profile will expand. And here, you will get to see the animated profile picture on the screen. However, in this case, once again, you must have Nitro. And if you are not using Nitro, the GIF that you set as your profile picture won’t move. Make sure you are using Nitro to enjoy the animated avatar!

How to Get Animated Profile Picture Without Having Discord Nitro

Wrap Up

So, we are done with getting the animated Avatar on Discord already! Check the method carefully and you can add up no matter what GIF you want! But once again, get your hands on Nitro first. There are methods of using an animated avatar without the Nitro Discord. However, this is the easiest way you can settle for!  

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