How does Slack Status Work-Tips and Tricks

Last Updated on April 30, 2022

You are not always active on Slack but if the team members message you and don’t get a response, they will be waiting, right? How will they know if you are active or not? This is when the Slack Status comes in! How does Slack Status work– this is what we will discuss today!

What is Slack Status?

How does Slack make money you know about it. But do you know about Slack status? Slack Status is a message that lets your team know that you are available or not. Along with this, it helps the team members know what you are up to. The status is a short message. It appears next to your screen name in Slack.

However, these statuses can be creative too. You can set up a quirky status for promoting the new favorite song. To keep the team members in a good mood when they check up on you, you can settle for a clever joke. You might not like to be funny.

In that case, it’s easy to go for a simple and instrumental slack status too. It will be professional and at the same time, it will tell your co-workers are you are away or active. If you are in a meeting, it will also help the co-workers know about it when they check out your screen name.

It can show you Active with a green bubble and Away with a circle. The Connecting and Do Not Disturb mode is also part of Slack status.

Manual Slack Status

When it comes to learning how to use Slack for project management, Slack Status is something that will make your communication easier. Some options will help you update the Slack status manually. With the help of the automated Slack statuses, it is sure that you will not receive messages when you are on breaks or you are in a meeting.

The best part is you can set boundaries with the team. It lets others know how much available you are and if you are not responding to messages, why you are doing so- in that case, they won’t wait for your response for long if they see you busy!

Common Slack Statuses

  • On a Call
  • Out Sick
  • Working Remotely
  • In a meeting
  • Traveling
  • On Vacation (also you can add the date you will be back)

These are only some examples; you can set them according to your preference by adding some emojis to make it look fun.

Slack Status and the Work Process

According to Slack, this platform will automatically determine if you are available depending on the consistency of your interaction with the app on your computer, mobile, or any other device. It also includes a host of conditions.

Depending on these, it can determine if the bubble will show that you are working or not. When the bubble is green, you have to understand that that app is open. In the case of using mobile, this is how Slack status works.

On the other hand, right when you toggle away, it will be switched off. At times, we use Slack via browser or we use the desktop app too. The jig will be up after 30 minutes of inactivity. Here, the 30 minutes when you are not active is called System Inactivity in the desktop app.

In contrast, it is called Browser Inactivity when you are using it on the browser. You cannot set your Slack account to be permanently active.

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How Does Slack Status Work | Proper slack Guide

Wrap Up

Telling your whereabouts in Slack is easier with Slack Status- you don’t have to message every individual account. Instead, everyone can know about your position once they check up on your screen name. They will know when you are active and when you cannot respond! Even if you are in a meeting, your team members can know about it!

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