How To do a Spoiler on Discord-Tips & Tricks

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

You might want to surprise your friend with a spoiler tag before the big day! No matter whether it’s a private message or a group chat, you can still do it! Let’s check out how to do a spoiler Discord for both the texts and the attachments!

Adding Spoiler to Discord

Well, there are different methods of adding spoilers on your Discord texts on the Discord Server. Here, we have some easy steps to do it. The best part of the method is you can use this for Android phones and the iPad and iPhone too!

Here, we have mentioned two different methods for sending spoiler texts and one for the attachments and images. You can send Discord spoiler texts both with phone and computer. However, for the attachments, you need the website or the app in your Windows and Mac.

How To Do A Spoiler On Discord-The Ultimate Guide

Adding Discord to Texts

First of all, to add a spoiler tag to your text message, you have to get into Discord. There, get into a text message you want. In this case, you must ensure that you are now going to send a spoiler message. Select who you want to send it to first. Once you have selected the username, get into their DM, and there, start typing the message.

Method 1

Here is the first way of sending the spoiler tag to your message. Go through the steps and add a spoiler to your Discord message.

  1. Before typing the message you want to send, you have to type “/spoiler” at the beginning. Yes, we are telling you that you start the message with this code. That’s simply it!
  2. For example, you can type anything and it will be shown as “/spoiler this is a spoiler message” and then, you can simply send it to your Discord friend. In this case, this message will hide the message for you.
  3. Once the recipient receives the message, they will require viewing the message. If the recipient doesn’t view the message, the message won’t be revealed before him. It will be hidden from him until he views it.

Method 2

If you don’t want to go for the previous method, you can settle for this one. Check out this one, it’s easy too!

  1. Get into Discord and search the friend’s username that you want to send a spoiler. Clicking the username of your liking, you have to go to his message or DM. Once you are in his DM, you have to start typing the message.
  2. Start typing the message with two vertical bars. Just like this “||” After the vertical bars, you can simply add the text you want. Once you have added the message of your choice, you have to end this message.
  3. At the ending of the message, you once again have to go for the two vertical bars. Go for “||” once again and end the message. The easiest way to explain it is by typing “||the text of your choice||” you have to send it. Here, there are two vertical bars on both sides of the message. Once you are done, you have to send it.
  4. The message will be shown as “||this is a spoiler message||” without quotation marks. When the receiver receives it, they have to open it to know what your actual message is. Even if he gets into the message, he will need to tap it to open the message. Otherwise, the message will be unrevealed to him. The message will have a gray background and the texts will be highlighted. As this is a spoiler, it’s necessary, right?

Adding Spoilers on Attachments and Images

Now, you can also go for adding the spoiler tags to the images and attachments beside the texts. If you are using it for the attachments and trying the methods for the texts we have mentioned above, it won’t work! For adding spoilers to the images and attachments, you have to go for the steps mentioned below.

  1. Discord via the website or the app first. Get into the message you like to send the spoiler attachment. There, you will see a plus sign right beside the texting area. Click on that plus sign first.
  2. You will see an option added beside Upload called Mark as Spoiler. All you need is to check the box and make sure it is marked.
  3. Now, you are free to upload the attachment or image. This will be sent as a spoiler!

Discord How to Make Spoiler Image and Spoiler Text

Wrap Up

While using the spoiler tag for attachments, keep in mind that if you want to add Discord spoilers to attachments and images, you have to use Discord via the app for Windows or Mac. Also, you can go for the Discord Website too. In the case of the mobile, you cannot do it.

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