Teams vs Discord: Things You should Know

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

For gamers, Discord has no competition in the market. From voice, text, and an open-source platform Discord is on top. However, in terms of office management, Microsoft Teams has gained popularity quicker than the other available platforms.

But which one should you pick? Are there any differences between them?

Let’s check Teams vs Discord to know the basics!

Differences between Discord and Teams

Before you go for one between Discord and Teams, hold on a second! We are here to tell you the basic features and facilities that these platforms provide. That way, won’t it be easy for you to decide which one to pick?

Teams Vs. Discord: Things You Should Know

Features and Facilities of Discord

Why do Discord users love it?

Let’s learn about it!

1.  Communication

Discord has features for calling and texting. Along with this, here, you can easily divide the server messaging board and then create channels. It’s easy to organize communication by project or team and also, you can divide it according to the topics. However, the best part about Discord is you get the opportunity of settling for channels both for voice and text.

On voice channels, it’s easy to with 99 users. But for video, you can only go for 25 users. It can hold about 250000 members and is amazing for both open-source projects and businesses. To reduce the background noise, you can settle for the “push to talk” feature too!

2.  Sharing Screen

Discord comes with the screen sharing feature and you can go for this within video chat or voice channel just by pressing SCREEN SHARE with multiple users from the same voice channel. Also, switching back and forth between the screens is available here.

You can share the app screen from here. The other users can check your live stream; they only need to click your username in the voice channel.

3.  Sharing Files

With Discord, you can upload files but there are limits. The limit for uploading a single file is 8 MB. For Discord Nitro users, the limit is 100 MB. For sharing files here, go for another cloud-based service, it makes the job easier with a short link.

4.  Payment

To use the basic platform of Discord, you don’t need to pay! Yes, this one is a free platform for you and the free version offers you enough to not go for the premium one. It is fully functional. However, if you want higher-quality voice and video channels, the paid version is the best deal.

The paid Discord Nitro plan will afford you a higher file upload limit. You need to pay $9.99 per month and for yearly deals, the payment is $99.99. The best part is this is for a single server. If the server’s administration gets the Nitro plan, the special perks will be added for the entire server membership.

5.  Privacy and Security

Discord provides the utmost security for the users. It keeps all the information you provide private and secured. There will be no access to your information on this platform if you do not give the access by yourself.

discord Privacy and Security

Here, you get SSO and 2FA facility added too. This is to ensure that your IP address is not compromised. Also, to safeguard the IP address, client-server architecture is here!

Features and Facilities of Microsoft Teams

Check out what Microsoft Teams can afford you!

1.  Communication

Microsoft Teams allow you to call and text like Discord. Here, you get the facility of directly replying to comments. So, organizing the conversations within the same channel gets easier. One negative aspect of Teams compared to Discord is it only holds 10000 people.

This one is great for businesses. But if you go for open-source projects, it won’t be enough. On the other hand, it has features for calling users even if they are not in the team. For voice calls, the limit is 20 users and for cloud meetings, the limit is 1000 people.

2.  Sharing Files

Microsoft Teams is better than Discord in terms of sharing files via OneDrive. It is Microsoft’s cloud storage. However, you can directly upload files to Teams. It’s great for storing 1 TB of files per organization. For groups, the limit is 25 TB and for single file upload, you can settle for 250 GB.

3.  Sharing Screen

Just like Discord, it has a screen-sharing facility but only for Windows 10 and MAC OS. System audio sharing with the screen is possible. During this process of screen sharing, other calls can annotate to the screen. This can be done with Microsoft Whiteboard. Adding notes or highlighting pertinent info to your screen is easy here.

4.  Payment

Microsoft Teams also comes in a free version that lets you go for a free voice and text facility. With this, screen-sharing and video calls are also free. For file sharing, till 10 GB, it’s free and you also get more than 250 integrations. But the paid plan is more amazing than this one. You will get Microsoft 365 with all the Microsoft Office products added already.

Form OneNote to Word and Outlook, all will be there. The paid version will afford 1-TB file storage with a video conferencing meetings facility. The storage and sharing features will increase. And with it, the admin management tools will come too. For per month, you only need to pay $5; so it’s cheaper than Discord!

5.  Privacy and Security

Just like Discord, Microsoft Teams is also careful about the user’s safety. There’s no chance of your information being leaked unless you allow someone. Microsoft Teams also includes the AFA and SSO features. And to make it a more secured platform, it uses Advanced Threat Protection or ATP. You already get that you cannot be in a threat here!

Microsoft Teams Privacy And Security

To top it up, in Teams, you will get DLP or Data Loss Prevention technology included. With this platform, you are completely protected with HIPAA, ISO 27001, and 27018 along with EUMC and SSAE16 SOC 1, SOC 2!

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Teams Vs Discord

Wrap Up

Both Discord and Microsoft Teams as a platform for business owners are incredible. However, in terms of file sharing, integrations and apps, Teams beats Discord. Also, it’s highly cost-effective compared to Discord. But for larger teams or open-source projects, Discord takes the lead. Especially for gaming and video chat, a high user limit-Discord gets the deal

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