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Yes, Discord is an amazing app for gaming and streaming with your friends and viewers but at times, it can make you sweat with the connection issues. What if you try a lot but Discord won’t connect? Most of the users have suffered it and still suffering!

Don’t worry; we have come here with easy solutions for you! Here are some ways that can save you from this problem and connect Discord within a few minutes. Take a look!

Methods of Connecting Discord properly

Discord Stuck on Connecting Screen

There are several steps that you can go for when the Discord is stuck on the connecting screen. But first, we will recommend you to search for the outage problems and then go for the others.

Outage Problems

If there is an outage, chances are, that’s stopping you on the connecting screen while opening it. Go through the steps to learn about it.

  1. For this, you have to go to the status.discordapp.com. There, you can easily get a look at the current server status of Discord. On this page, the information on the past 90 days regarding the server is mentioned. There are red and yellow bars added. These are the details of the statuses.
  • You can go through them and check them out too. If you see red bars, probably, these are the reasons for your failure. These are outages and won’t let you pass the connecting screen.
  • If you see the outage on the right part, you are going through a live outage today. The worst part is you do not have anything to do in this case. All you need is to wait for it to get solved!

Time and Date

Another problem that case causes discord not connecting is the time and date settings. This is so common that we forget about it! If you settle for any other time than the automatic time and date settings, it can stop your Discord and other apps from running. If you face issues with the app, you should go and check the time and date settings.

  1. Close the Discord app and then go to the taskbar of your Windows. There, check the left part of the taskbar. You will see the logo of Discord here. All you need to do is quit this program before you set the time and date. Take the cursor on the logo and right-click there. And then close the application first.
Close the Discord app

2. Now that you are done with quitting the app, you have to go through the Start Menu and then type TIME. Among several options, you will find Change the Date and Time. Select this one and you will see a new page. There, you have to settle for Automatic settings for the date and time.

3.Close the page and open Discord once again. Most probably, this time, you will be able to run the app without any complications!

Date and time


If you want Discord to connect without any complication, you have to turn off the proxies. Here is the way to disable the proxies!

1.Go to the Start Menu on the left bottom part of the screen and there, type Internet Options. You will see an option named after it. Click it and there, you will see a tab called Connections.

internet connections

2.Getting into the Connections tab, you will see LAN Settings available. Click it and check the Proxy server. Under it, you will see the Use a Proxy Server option visible. All you need to do is uncheck it and then press OK and you are done!

Local network and proxy server

Discord Stream Stuck Loading

If you see that Discord streaming is stuck at loading or you cannot share your screen, you might not be able to find any solutions. Here are some solutions that can help you out!

Windowed Mode

Discord only allows screen sharing for the Windowed games and apps. Windows refers to not-the-full-screen. When you will try to stream any game or application that has a full screen, your viewers won’t be able to see it. So what can you do what the Discord screen share showing a black screen?

  1. All you need to do is go for the windowed mode. All you need to do is go through the keyboard and press F11. If it doesn’t work, settle for the Window Controls at the top right part for Windows. For Mac users, you can do the same settling for the top left part. In that case, you have to hold the Shift button on your keyboard.
  2. If you are in a game already, you have to go for the Settings to make it work. In the Settings menu, you will see Borderless or Windowed options available. All you need to do is select it!

Latest Technology

When it comes to screen capture, you can settle for Latest Technology. However, this can be the reason for your Discord not connecting. Check for the easy steps to undo it!

  1. In this case, you have to go back to Legacy Technology once again. Go to Discord first and then sign in. There, check the bottom left part of your screen and search the Settings Cog Icon. Click it and go to the settings option.
Settings Cog Icon

2.There, you will see App Settings and under it, there will be Voice & Video option. Go for it and from this part, you can switch off the Latest Technology.

Old Computers

Nobody talks about the old computers, right? But we will! If you are using an old computer and your screen scare isn’t working, here are the steps you can follow!

  1. Got to Discord first and then check the bottom left part of the screen. You will see the Settings Cog Icon there.
  2. From there, once again, you have to go to the App Settings and then for Voice and Video. After this, you will see a slider named H.264 Hardware Acceleration. All you need to do is switch it off!

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Wrap Up about Discord Won’t Connect

It isn’t tough to connect Discord when it’s not connecting, isn’t it? All you need is a little know-how about the process and there you go! And if you don’t know it, no worries because we are always at your aid!

Now you can stream, play and have fun with your friends and viewers without facing any troubles in your app!

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