How to Spam on Discord-Step by Step Guide

Last Updated on August 17, 2022

Not everybody knows how to spam on Discord. But yes, if you are tech-savvy, you might already know the method. For the newbies, it can be quite complicated. Here, we have tried an easy way to explain how to spam on Discord by creating spam bot. However, you have to create a program for making this work.

Step by Step Guide Spamming on Discord

So, can you spam on Discord? Yes, it’s possible! We have got your back. Let’s check out the process of making a spam bot on Discord!

How To Spam On Discord

Step 1: Install Python

First of all, you have to install Python for spamming on Discord. If you do not have Python installed, you cannot complete the method. So first, get your hands on Python and install it. If you are new, check online and learn about how to install it. Once you have installed it, you can move to the next step!

Step 2: Install PyCharm

After you have installed Python, certify that you have a Python IDE. For this case, we recommend you settle for PyCharm. There are other Python IDEs available in the market. There is IDLR, Atom, and Thonny. Also, there are IDEs like Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text.

However, we still suggest you pick up the PyCharm IDE. Once you settle for PyCharm, your job is to install PyCharm. Keep in mind that without Python and PyCharm, you cannot work on this method. So, if your plans are spamming on Discord, this is the easiest and safest method!

Step 3: Create the Program

Now, it’s time for you to create the program. Get your hands on it!

  1. After you have installed Python and PyCharm, you have to get your hands on creating the program. Here, you have to create a text file. For this, go to the left part of your screen and settle for the Discord option. Take your cursor on it and right-click there. A dropdown menu will appear before you.
creating the program

2. There will be several options available in the dropdown menu. From those, you have to settle for the first option called File. This is for creating a new text file. After you have clicked the file, you will get to name the new file.

the dropdown menu

In the typing area, type the name you want desire. We have named the file Rank. After this, you will see that the new file is listed on the left side of the screen.

3.Now, you have to get into the file. Here, you can type anything you want. Let’s type Rank in every line. In this way, the code will spam the work you have written. As we have written Rank, again and again, the code will spam rank. Go for writing the word or term again and again.

 type anything you want

4. After you are done typing it, you have to plan on creating a Python file. Go to the option called Discord on the left side once again and there; take your cursor on it. Once the dropdown menu appears, from the list of options, you have to settle for Python File.

creating a Python file

Click on Python File and in this way; you can create a new Python File. Here, we have named the file Discord Bot. You can name it whatever you want.

Click on Python File

5. When you have created the Python file already, the first thing you need to do here is to import pyautoguie. For downloading it, all you need to do is go to your terminal and then type install pyautoguie.

import pyautoguie

6. And then, you have to import the time. Usually, when you have downloaded Python, it is already installed with Python. The reason we are importing time is that we are going to add a five seconds delay. In this way, you get five seconds for opening the Discord app. Here, type time. sleep(5) for adding the five seconds delay.

7. The next thing you need to do is add a variable “f” and it will open the file Rank. After opening it, it will read each line. And then, you have to create a “for word” which will represent each word in the file and will type in that work. Afterward, it will press enter.

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Step 4: Open Discord

You are done with creating the program. However, now, you have to open the Discord app. But here, keep in mind that after you have created the program, you only get five seconds delay. You have to open the Discord app within these five seconds. Once you open Discord, the program will start spamming the word Rank or whatever you have typed.

 Open Discord

Wrap Up

Well, spamming on Discord isn’t that easy. If you are not tech-savvy, it can be a little troublesome for you. But yes, you can always try to give it a go! Try it the way we have mentioned for creating spam bot for spamming in Discord and you won’t fail, we bet!

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