How to Dox Someone on Discord-The Complete Guide

Last Updated on July 1, 2022

Doxing is the act of gathering or identifying information about a person online and revealing them. The info can be the real name or home address. Or it can also be the workplace details and the phone number. Any financial information or personal information is included here.

After gaining the information, if someone circulates it to the public, it is called doxing. So, how to dox someone on Discord, and is it legal?

How To Dox Someone On Discord

Doxing in Discord: Legal vs. Illegal

If you are here, you probably already know it. But let’s brief for the newbies. Now a very common question is Dwhether oxing someone via apps like Discord is legal or not! As we said, Doxing is an act of collecting information on someone’s personal or professional life that they don’t want to share and later, making them public.

So, you can already understand that this act is without the person’s consent. Anything in this world of the 21st century that is done without a person’s consent is illegal. Again, we are repeating that doxing someone is illegal. However, this completely depends on the country you live in.

In some countries, it is not illegal as the information that is exposed was within the public domain. But if doxing is done for stalking or harassment and in some cases, threats and other heinous crimes, it is illegal. And so, you can get arrested and charged for doxing in cases.

Also, you can get a sentence of a year along with a $1000 fine. But that doesn’t mean you cannot dox your friend for a prank or fun! However, in this case, you have to be very careful if the friend will take it normally or he will be hurt or damaged.

Can you Dox via Discord?

When it comes to questions on the security of Discord, yes, Discord is secure. However, if you think that your information is highly secured here, you are probably thinking wrong. But there are always lines. Some people plan to get the IP address of the other Discord user. This is nearly not possible!

Let us explain this. You have to understand that the Discord app utilizes Transport Layer Security or TSL. With the help of this security, it protects scammers and hackers easily. Other techniques are added here too. Along with this, keep in mind that Discord hosts its own servers!

So, this makes the app well protected. So, in short, if you plan to get someone’s IP address via Discord, it is not possible. And you cannot hack someone’s computer via Discord. Then can you dox?

Yes, you can! Nothing is impossible-said all the brave men!

How to Dox in Discord smartly

As we said, you cannot really get the IP address of a person via Discord. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot go for the coop game you are planning on your friend! Yes, you still can dox here. Here, we will tell you how to do it!

As Discord is safe, for this process, you need to settle for a third-party app. There are third-party websites that can automatically detect the IP address of any computer. If you are planning to dox your friend for fun, this method can be highly useful. But to do this, you need the help of your friend. All you need is to send your friend a link.

And what they will do after getting this link is open it and then copy the IP address added here. And then, they will send it to you.


In this case, you have to be careful if you are using your own website. If you are logging in to an IP that is visiting a specific hidden URL, there’s a chance of doing this without consent.

And if you are planning to hide the link, go for any URL shortener. You can settle for Bitly, it’s an amazing hand when it comes to URL shorteners!

How to Avoid Doxing via Discord

  • Do not reveal your identity via the posts you do on Discord. You might write in forums or message boards. But try not to reveal your identity or other information there. As long as you don’t talk about it, no one will know!
  • When you receive any link from a stranger, try not to click it. In cases, this is seen that the link is a third-party link and there are chances that your ID can be hacked or they can see your IP address via this link. Even if it’s a friend, try and get sure if the link is safe or not.
  • Try to use any URL shortener. These will help you keep the IP address safer than ever. Otherwise, when you share your own website, the link will include the IP address and it gets easier to learn about it more.

Wrap Up

So, the only method of doxing in discord is via third-party links. In short, you are safer in Discord if you don’t share your personal info and do not click any link. Follow the method if you plan to dox on your friend for fun!

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