How to Get Discord Backup Codes

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Discord backup codes might be required for several reasons for sure. You may lose the codes for many a reason. Your device may get damaged or other circumstances can expose you to look for the codes. Discord has already done everything to recover your Discord backup codes. So, if you’re craving to get back your Discord profile for any reason, this content will show you how you can do it in no time.

You’ll find several ways to recover Discord backup codes. However, you should try the most suitable one considering the circumstances. Below, I’m going to tell you the easiest formula to get your Discord backup codes.

Well, do you know what are Discord backup codes?

Before we jump into the step-by-step formula to get the codes back, we should spend few seconds by telling you about the backup codes in a nutshell.

Discord backup codes are 8-digit codes (don’t mess up with 6-digit codes). This code is used to access the Discord account when you’re logged out. While the 6-digit code is used to log in to your Discord profile through 2FA. Using 2FA (two-factor authentication) is not mandatory yet it is strongly recommended while using Discord in order to boost security and to protect the potential data breach and cyber-attack.

Note that, the backup codes are not password to log into Discord. It is only used to recover and access your account when you don’t have your password.

Discord Backup Codes

Discord is one of the most popular chatting apps currently. Due to the pandemic outbreak in early 2020, this chatting app got even more widespread and popular. According to Business of Apps, Discord has 140 million monthly active users in with 188% growth in 2020.

Why Discord Backup Codes

Suppose, you’ve lost your smartphone while you’re logged out Discord account, what to do to log into to your Discord profile? In this circumstance, Discord backup codes will be a savior. Learn how to generate Discord backup codes and

Discord Backup Codes Generator

If you’re a Discord user, it’d be fairly easy to find Discord backup codes using the Discord backup codes generator. The process is straightforward and will take a while with the correct process is followed.

Discord algorithm follows a simple strategy. If you’re stuck with codes, no worry. Follow the steps and the Discord program will get you of trouble.

Follow the steps wisely.

  • Log in to Discord
  • Go to user setting
  • Click on the “View backup codes”

Let’s elaborate the process for your convenience.

Step 1: Log in to your account

To begin with, you have to log in to Discord to see the Discord backup codes. Discord backup codes are hidden in the app and need to be clicked on that. Discord Backup codes are quite similar to OTP (one-time password) that is valid for a short period of time and for once. However, Discord backup codes can be used anytime later for authentication and are valid for once. That’s why it is recommended to save it in a secure place and DO NOT share with anyone.

Step 2: Open User Setting

Once you log into Discord account, go to the user setting under “My Account”. User setting will head you to several calls to action. Choose one that you need among many options.

Step 3: Click on the “View Backup Codes

Along with many other options, you should click on the “View backup codes” followed by Remove 2FA. You’ll find 8-digit codes is shown. Copy and save it first in a secure place. Then, use them to generate 2FA code and enjoy seamless chatting with friends.

View Backup Codes

Discord Lost Backup Codes

It’s not appreciating at all to lose Discord backup codes. However, it’s not bizarre to lose backup codes. Many a user stuck with such condition.

If you dive deep into such a situation, it’s pretty bad luck for you. Discord’s algo is programmed to remove 2FA from the system. It’s only you who can do it. So, the step at your hands is to create a new profile to keep the ball rolling.

Summing Up

Discord backup codes are the best way to access your Discord account if you’re logged out and somehow you can’t access your smartphone too. In such circumstances, Discord backup codes will come as a savior. So, always take care of your password, backup codes, and Discord account to stay safe in the digital platform.

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