How to Remove 2FA Discord-Step by Step Guide

Last Updated on August 30, 2021 by Harry Holden

Every social media user knows how risky it would be to use any social media without a strong password. However, a strong password even has sometimes proven inadequate to protect against cyber-attack and invaluable data breaches. People, therefore, take several measures to secure their accounts. Activating 2FA on your device is one of the best protections.

When it comes to securing your Discord account, experts can suggest many formulas. One of the best ways to secure your Discord account is to apply two-factor authentications commonly known as 2FA. If you know how to enable 2FA on Discord, you know that a code is required to activate 2FA on your Discord account.

Many unthinkable and unpredictable things can happen in our lives. Probably, something happened in your life and you lost access to your Discord account anyway. If you’re stuck with it, then, this how-to content will show you how to remove 2FA discord. In the following sections, I’m going to tell you what you need to do in the step-by-step formula.

How to Remove 2FA Discord

Well, you somehow lost the 2FA code and struggling with getting access to your account. Well, before you remove the 2FA, you can try a couple actions first.

  1. Make sure if you’re logged into Discord account by any means – through Authy app or desktop browser. If so, you have rosy possibility to see the backup code with the current password.
  2. After that, search typing “discord_backup_codes.txt”

If these steps do not pay off, you can think of removing 2FA to get back your Discord account. The process of removing 2FA without code is way simple. Before we demonstrate the steps, let’s break down the steps in short.

  • Launch the app Discord.
  • Go to user setting.
  • Remove 2FA
  • Type the code

Step 1: Open app or visit the link

Open the app or browse the user link By following the link, you’ll get a user interface.

Step 2: Click on the user setting

The app will head you to the user surface of the app or the Discord client. Beside your username, you’ll find the user setting. Click on it and “My Account” will open.

Step 3: Remove 2FA  

“My Account” will showcase a two-factor authentication page. And you’ll see two options 1. “Download Backup Codes” and next to that you’ll see “Remove 2FA”.

Remove 2FA  

Step 4: Type the Code

You’re just a single step away. The step is to finish by typing the correct authentication code you get through the app or received via SMS. If you cannot access your phone, use previously received any of the 8-digit codes. Make sure there is no space or dashes between the digits. They are supposed to be on your computer file called “discord_backup_codes.txt.” With this final step, you’re done the process. Enjoy, seamless connection!

Type the Code

Summing Up

We’ve shown you how to remove 2FA Discord. You can now recover your Discord profile by following the steps anytime. However, you should try to enable 2FA on Discord later at your disposal. Don’t leave your digital profile to potential threats. If you like to know how to enable 2FA on Discord, you can read this blog to learn.

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