How To Send Large File on Discord-Easy Solution

Last Updated on February 12, 2022

We often think that not being able to send videos below 8 MB can be annoying. However, we have to agree that apps will always have their limitations. But does that mean you can never upload files larger than the Discord limitations?

How To Send Large File On Discord

Of course not!

No one’s going to bind you ever! Let’s see how to send large file on Discord- here, we have methods of adjusting the videos and sending them in different methods too!

Sending through IMGUR

You cannot simply send videos on Discord that are above 8MB. However, there are options to make it work too! How? By using IMGUR, you can do it. It is an online video and image-sharing platform. Here, you can upload the file publicly share it in Discord!

  1. First of all, you have to get into the official website of IMGUR. Once you are in it, you have to Sign Up. Yes, you can settle for a free account. This is easy to do! Go for your email and set up a password and you are ready.
  2. Once your account in IMGUR is ready and you are logged in, you have to go for the top-left part of the screen. There, you can see an option called NEW POST. This will be available in a green tab. For adding videos here, you have to click this one.
  3. When you click NEW POST, you are free to drag the video of your choice here. Go for the image or video you like first. Select it and drag it on the screen. The left part of the screen will have an area called DROP IMAGE HERE. You can also settle for pasting the link.
  4. After you have selected the video or picture, it will start uploading the video. After a while, the video will be uploaded. Now, it’s time to add a title to the post. Go for any title you prefer. After typing the title, you will see an option called Post to the Community. Take your cursor here and click it.
  5. It will be published right away. Once it is published, you have to go to the video, and there, you need to right-click on it. It will bring out some available options. From the options, you have to select “open a new tab.” This will bring out a new tab before you. From the new tab, all you need now is to copy the URL address.
  6. After you have copied the URL address, you need to go to the Discord dashboard. There, you have to search for the server or the user that you want to share this video with. Once you have selected the server or the user, go to the chatbox, and there, paste the link. After pasting the link, all you need is to press ENTER.
  7. And you are done! The video is sent. No matter the video is above 8 MB or not, it will be sent anyway! This is how you send videos that are above the Discord limitations!

Note: Keep in mind that, even in IMGUR, there are limitations. If your video is above 60 seconds, you won’t be able to share it! That’s sad but all the methods will have some limitations, right? Also, there are other methods and such apps or sites that will help you send videos via a link, check them out too!

Adjusting the Properties

If you don’t want to share your videos and files via a link, you might want to settle for other methods too! In that case, you can adjust the files and videos and their properties.

  1. First of all, you can simply rely on Quality Slider. With this one, you can compress the video. All you need is to move the slider left and right to adjust the side. It will reduce the quality a bit but the whole video will be easier to send and it will be within 8 MB!
  2. You can also go for high GOP value. Also, you can settle for changing the audio properties. This will make the video smaller and you will be able to send it easily.
  3. Reducing the Frame Rate is a great way of making the video small. Go for VideoProc Converter. This one is great for decreasing the frame rate and making the video smaller and easier to send in Discord.
  4. Another way for making the video short or small is to go decrease the Bitrate. If you turn it to Bitrate, the original video will be shortened or decreased. Once it gets below 8 MB, you can send it easily!

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Wrap Up

All the apps have limitations and so does Discord. So, when you plan on sending something that crosses the limitations, you have to be a little tricky. The methods we have mentioned are surely going to work. But even these methods have limitations!

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