How To Unban Yourself on Discord Server-2 Easy Steps

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

No matter whether you have violated the Terms of Service of Discord or you have been abusive or disrespectful to anybody, there is always a chance of getting banned on the Discord server. At times, it takes nothing but only your IP address to be suspicious to be banned.

In such scenarios, you must know how to unban yourself on Discord Server to enjoy the services once again! We’ll tell you the methods of doing it here!


Two Easy Methods to Remove Discord Bans

Here’s how to unban yourself on Discord Server. Three different methods are mentioned here. Start from the top!

Using a VPN

Using a trustworthy VPN can be a solution to be unbanned on the Discord server. If you are banned, you won’t be able to access any server anymore. In that case, you should understand that your IP address is banned. So, one of the easy ways to unban yourself is to change the IP address.

And when you plan to unban yourself from a Discord server, you can rely on the VPN services like Kape Technologies’ Private Internet Access. With this process, you can easily get a new IP address and enjoy being unbanned.

privacy policy

However, whenever you are relying on a VPN, you need to know that you are now using the IP address alone. Instead, you are sharing it with others. In this case, there are also chances that the IP address you are giving via the VPN is already banned. To solve this, you might need to go for another server, and then you can plan on connecting to Discord once again.

Appeal the Server Admin

Another amazing way to unban your account is to appeal for it. All you need is to contact the server admin and appeal for unbanning. In this process, you have to apologize for your actions so that they understand your position and unban you.

If you have gone against the Discord Trust and Safety Team, you can apply to them too. You can settle for any channel that you feel is right. And via this channel, you can appeal the ban.

While appealing, you need to make sure that you are using words that can sort the situation. The nicer the words, the bigger the chances will be of you being unbanned! 

Opening a New Account

If the previous methods don’t work, you can go for a new account to lift the ban on the Discord Server! Don’t miss the steps.

  1. If you are banned is Discord, you can follow these steps to unban yourself on the server. Go through the steps carefully.
  2. First, your job is to create a new account so that you can unban your account. In this case, you have to get into your Windows option.

Click on it or go through the keyboard and press the Windows button. Once you are there, you have to type Discord there. And after this, get into the Discord app on your computer.

3. Once you are in the Discord app, you have to search for the User Settings. Check the left bottom part of the window. There, you will see a gear icon. This is the User Settings. Go for it.

4. Now, you need to find the Log Out button. Scroll down so that you can find the button. When you are there, all you need is to settle for the red Log Out button. Click on it.

5. After you have clicked the Log out button, you will be logged out from your account. It’s time to open Discord once again so that you can create a new account. Just the way you did in the first step, you need to click on the Windows key or keyboard button and type Discord there. When the Discord app is visible, go for it.

6. Clicking on the Discord app will take you to the app and tell you to Log In. You don’t need to go for the previous account. Instead, you need to register for a new account. There will be necessary information required for the available fields.

available feild

There will be information email, password, and username along with the date of birth. You have to provide the required information. Don’t settle for the email that you have added to your previous account, go for a new mail.

7. Now, check the option that requires for the option of your permission of terms and privacy. Once you check it, you can settle for Continuing. Here, you will see a Captcha notification. All you need is to agree with it.

click im human

8. So, you’ve got a new Discord account now. You won’t be banned from any Discord server. This is a quick option for enjoying the unbanned situation.

Discord | How to get unbanned on any server

Final Words

So, no matter what, you can always lift the ban from your account on Discord. If the first two methods don’t work, the last one surely will. And make sure you do not do the same mistake what Discord banned you!

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