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Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Twitch, being one of the most popular streaming platforms, especially for gaming has gained enough popularity to come on the front line. On the other hand, Discord is already famed for gamers and streamers.

But now, you can add them both up and enjoy both services! No time for buying TeamSpeak servers anymore! Now, it’s easy! Let’s tell you how to connect discord server to twitch, my friend!

how to connect discord to twitch

Well, as we have already told you, connecting to a Discord Twitch Server isn’t a tough deal. But for both Windows PC and MAC, the method of creating it is different. So, we have decided to talk about both of them! Take a look!

Connect Discord to Twitch on Windows PC

Here is a way to make your Twitch Discord server when you are using Discord on your Windows PC. Go through the process and make it count!

Step 1: Go to User Settings

Your first job when it comes to making a Twitch Discord server is to get into Discord and then sign in to the account you have. First of all, open the Discord and get into User Settings. You will find the User Settings option available in the bottom part of the screen.

Go to User Settings

Step 2: Click on Connection

Once you get the User Settings, you have to search for the option Connections. To find this, all you need is to get your hands on the left-hand menu pane. There, scroll to the top and check below the User Settings. There, you will see the Connection Options. Click on it now.

Click on Connection

Step 3: Add the Twitch Icon

When you get into Connection, it’s your time to find twitch. Check the main pane and get your hands on the possible application integrations there. While searching the row, you will find the Twitch icon. Well, you don’t need to search for it a lot. You can find it as the first option in the list.

Add the Twitch Icon

Step 4: Sync the Server

Now that you are done with the Connection part, you have to select and sync the server. For this, get into Discord Settings once again. And here, you have to start a search for the Server Settings. You will find this option easily.

Sync the Server

Step 5: Bring Twitch Integration

Once you found this one, you have to go for the Twitch Integration option. Syncing the account will bring the Twitch Integration option before you! All you need to do is click on it and sync! Always remember that you have to adjust the permissions roles that you need here. Get into Server Settings and adjust the permissions according to your requirement.

Connect Discord to Twitch on MAC

Here, you can easily make a Twitch Discord Server in Mac too! Let’s check out the step-by-step process to do it!

Step 1: Go for Connection

Just like any other method, your first job is to get into the Discord app. After getting in, you have to search for the Settings gear icon. It is added in the bottom part of the Discord Window. Find it and get into it. Once you get in, search for the option Connection. In the list, you can easily find Connection. It will be under the User Settings option.

Step 2: Go for Twitch Icon

When you are into the Connections option, you have to settle for the Twitch icon here. In the main pane, you will see a box. This displayed box will help you to connect your accounts. Go for the Connect Your Accounts box and there, you have to select the Twitch icon available.

: Go for Twitch Icon

Step 3: Set up the Account

After you have selected the Twitch icon, get ready for the Server Settings in the app. When you are already in Server Settings, you have to go for the option named Twitch Integration. This option will help you in setting up the server for the Twitch account. Go for the following options and set up the server for the account.

set up the server

Step 4: Sync it

Once you are done, you have to sync it. After setting up and syncing, you need to go for the permissions required. Check out the new permissions role and adjust them. To find them, you have to get into Server Settings first and then, go for Twitch subs in Roles.

Adjust them and you are ready! Always remember that server integration permission is necessary if you want to create or sync a new one to the Twitch account you have.

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Wrap Up

It’s not a tough job for you to connect to a Twitch Discord Server. For this, all you need is a little bit of practice and that’s all! Check out the steps we have mentioned and you can do it on your own. linked to a Twitch Server here will change the Discord game for you for life!

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