Slack vs. Discord: Things You Must Know

Last Updated on December 10, 2021

Discord is leading the gaming world when it comes to communication with other gamers. As a whole, for the open-source projects too, it takes the lead. But we can’t deny that Slack too has gained popularity among the users for the third-party integrations that makes office work easier than ever! Dive into Slack vs. Discord, the battle is here!

Differences between the Features and Aspects of Discord and Slack

Here are some basic differences that will help you pick up one platform over another.

UI Design

Both of these platforms come with almost identical UI designs. You will see the contacts on the left part of the screen while seeing the conversations on the right. If you are a newbie, you will prefer Slack’s interface as it’s more user-friendly. Slack is great for workspaces and logging in different channels is east here.

On the other hand, for beginners, Discord is complicated at first. So many menus jam up on the screen. However, the customization features are better here. In Discord, you get the opportunity to access almost all the servers but in Slack, you have to log in for the workspaces.


You can install Discord on your desktop and OS platforms. From Windows to Mac OS to Linux, it works everywhere. If you want to use it on your phone, go for Android or iOS. For the compatible platform, Slack takes the deal. It works incredibly on Chrome, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone (beta), and Linux (beta.)


Check out messaging and calling facilities on both of these platforms here!


Both of these tools are designed for communication. So, chatting and voice facilities are compulsory here. In Slack, you will be able to enjoy direct messages along with public conversations. Also, the private channel chat setup is included.

Discord users get to enjoy a direct message facility with channels for chatting. However, if you are using Slack free-version, you will only be able to store 10k messages and no more! Discord doesn’t provide such limits for the users.

The built-in search functions in both of these platforms will allow you to find specific messages, files, or usernames within the chat. Slack also affords a threaded conversation feature.

So, organizing the conversation is easier here by separating the discussions in the same channel. For larger teams, it’s easier in this way. Discord will not provide you with this feature.

Voice Calls

While both of the platforms give you the ability to do voice calls for free (both free and paid), you can start the call only by clicking on the call button from the direct message or the channel with Slack. The call feature is only available for two people.

If you want more than two people, you have to switch to the premium version. In Discord, you do not need to set up separate calls anymore! Joining a channel or starting the conversation in real-time is easier here. You can settle for both public and private types of calls.

The best thing Discord affords which Slack lacks is the “push to talk” feature. This one will help you turn on the mic. While talking to a large team, you can get the benefit here. As this one is loved by the gamers, you already know the voice calls are clearer and interruption-free.

Video Calls

You get video calling on both of these platforms. Discord includes more facilities than Slack in the case of video calls. Turning voice calls into video calls is easier. Chatting up to 25 users with video calling provides you the ability to be simultaneous in both sectors.

However, in Slack’s free version, you can only enjoy calling for two people. If you settle for the paid version, you can simply add 15 members here. Discord on the other hand will allow you to control the noise suspension and echo canceling ability.

Sharing Files

Discord’s file sharing limit is 8 MB for a single file but with an upgrade to Nitro, you can share 50 MB files too. With Slack, it’s easier to share files of 1 GB, and it’s better than Discord. But keeping these files for long isn’t possible.

There is a file-sharing limit of 5 GB which with the paid version gets 10 GB. The third-party integration allows you to share files in Slack via Google Drive.

Third-Party Integration

Slack wins this because it affords you to integrate with more than 800 third-party apps. You no more need to jump from one app to another as you get them in a while here. The sad part is Discord doesn’t integrate with third-party apps.

You can plan on integrating the Discord account with social media networks and other games. Here, you will get 10 native integrations- these are related to gaming more than work like Slack.


We both know that both of these platforms have their free versions. However, if you want better service, you can go for the paid version.


Discord’s free version is almost everything for regular users. However, if you need even better performance, go for Discord Nitro. For per month, you need to pay $9.99. In the case of a year, the payment is $99.9. With this facility, you get to enjoy custom and animated Emoji with 2 server boosts.

The upload size gets 100 MB for sharing high-quality files and also, the video, screen share, and live streaming get high-resolution. There’s also Nitro Classis for $4.99 every month and $49.99 for a year. For a server boost and base chat perks, it works the best at an affordable price!


The paid plans of Slack are slightly confusing as they offer four different plans. You can get free without any payment and here, you will get 10 integrations with apps like Office 365, Google Drive, and much more. You will get accessibility to 10,000 of the team’s recent messages.


The standard premium plan starts with $6.67 which comes with a fingertip full context of the organization’s message history ready. The video calling and voice calling ability with 15 teammates are included in this plan too. There is a Plus plan that you can get for $12.50 for a month that affords you higher features than this.

Wrap up

Yes, both of the apps are good and all. But keep in mind that, most of the features that Slack will afford you in the paid version, you can get for free if you are using Discord! However, we recommend Slack for the office and business and Discord for gaming and open-source discussions and projects!

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