6 Most Effective Ways To Make your Discord Server Popular

Last Updated on May 5, 2022

So, you have already opened a Discord account, It’s time to increase the reach. Or are you planning to expand the user base of your server? No matter what you want, first thing first, it won’t be easy. More than this, it won’t be quick!

If you want to know how to get your Discord server popular, let us tell you that the first things you need are patience and hard work!

Things you need to grow your discord server

Learning how to get friends on Discord or how to make announcements on Discord are not enough if you want to expand your server! There are tips and tricks that you must follow. Take a look at the list we have made for you!

Things you need to expand the Discord Server

1. Branding the Server

Nothing can make the market if you don’t know how to market! Well, that’s confusing; let’s make it easy! Marketing or branding for the server is necessary if you plan to make it popular. To make a user join, you must give him a cause or reason to join!

Listing the server in the online server listing required the title and logo of your Discord server. And these are the things that the users see first.

So, make the best use of the logo and title. Make sure it gives the user the message and the need to join your server. The logo along with the name should represent your personality in an aesthetic and artsy manner.


To enrich your Discord server and make it different yet better than the other servers, one of the finest things is the bots. Yes, you can do anything virtually if you have bots. Keep trying and testing new bots, you never know which one you start loving.

Bots like Dyno or MEE6 are the favorites of Discord users. Go through discordbots.org and search for the bot that you need. Some bots can stay online 24/7 and for almost all the work, you will get a bot. To keep the users entertained and help you create a meme, you can settle for Onyx or other bots.

3. Emojis, GIFs, and Text Decorations

The emojis that you already have are helpful. But to keep the bond between your Discord server and the users, you can come up with custom emojis. These will help you keep the users engaged with the server.

3. Emojis, GIFs, and Text Decorations

To stay connected to the users, you can get help from meme bots. Help create inside jokes for your server- it will keep the users unified. The same goes for the GIFs. When you plan with expressing your thoughts in GIFs more than texts, the users connect more.

Go for the regular GIFs along with the custom ones. Take a look at how to make animated emojis on Discord along with how to send GIFs on Discord mobile to stay connected to the users. Fancy text is another attractive part of your Discord server.

If you are using Android, go for Font Generator. There are other apps like this too. With this one, you can create new fonts and make the text look aesthetic and cool! The cooler you are, the more attracted the users will be!

4. Server Listing

Advertising for the server will surely bring new users. You will see a lot of server listings where thousands of servers will be listed. All you need is to get into the list and be better than your other competitors.

Make sure you have a fun server name. Along with this, you will need a professional logo for competing here. Also, ensure that you have got a succinct and descriptive snippet detailing.

This will tell the users what your server is about and why should they get in. server listings like Disboard or Discord List can help you get more users and make your Discord server more popular than before. This is a tested method for expanding the community.

5.Aim of the Server

You cannot target all ages and all sectors! If you go for this, you will come back with only a handful of people. But that’s not what you want right? So, this time, you have to make your target narrow and get broader benefits from that!

Yes, we are telling you to be particular about the server’s aim. Ask who are you targeting and what type of users do you want? Do not make your server crowded with people that don’t connect with your server’s aim. Imagine you are making a server about programming and coding. But you are attracting all the anime fans.

What’s the use of it? You can’t expect them to be active in your server let alone be interested! Do not make the server for everyone. When people search, they search for a specific place where their aim is prioritized. And if your priority is everyone, no one will prioritize you!

6. Be Cordial

Won’t you be happy if someone welcomes you when you get into their home? That’s the case with your Discord server too. There will be a lot of users that will join your server. But you can’t miss any of them! Certify that you are welcoming all of them!

And for this, you don’t need to type for everyone now! In Discord, you can easily get the bots that will help you with the automated welcomes.

Go for the bots that include the user’s name in the welcoming section. It’s even better if the bot deals with the avatar added with the welcoming message. This hearty welcome creates a connection between the user and the Discord server. As a result, you get more popularity among the users!

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Wrap Up

The easier opening a Discord account sounds, the same doesn’t go for maintaining it. And if you want it to be popular, you have to provide the necessary effort. The best thing you can do once you get enough users is to make a list of what to do. And then, you can simply assign all the work to the bots! When you have helping hands, why do you need to work? 

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