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Last Updated on March 13, 2022

You see a lot of Discord Channel names with emojis beside them. How do they do it? Several accounts also use custom emojis, how can we do it on our Discord account?

Calm down, we are going to spill the tea! Today, we will tell you how to add Emojis to Discord channels both for the channel names and the custom ones! Stay tuned!

How to Add Emojis to Discord Channel name

You can add emojis to the Discord channel name with the help of both your computer and phone. We will tell you both the processes.

How to Add Emojis to Discord Desktop Computer

When Discord introduced emojis to the desktop experience, many users were very happy. Discord’s desktop Windows client now features a brand new emoji picker, and with this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to add emojis to your desktop.

How To Add Emojis To Discord Desktop Computer
  1. Get into the Emoji website first. There, you can easily see the full list of Discord Emojis and find the best ones for you! Take a look properly and select the ones that you want to add to your channel name. First searching a specific Emoji, there are also search options available. Go through the search bar, find the one you desire! Once you are done, you can move to the next step.
  2. After you have selected the emojis, one by one, you have to click it and press copy. For copying, select the Emoji and press CTRL+C. This step is for only one Emoji. If you want to do it for several Emojis, you must repeat the steps. Once you have copied your preferred one, you have to go back to the Discord server.
server Setting

There, you need to search for the channel settings. You will find the Channel Settings on the gear icon. Check the front part of your Channel Name, find the gear icon, and get into Channel Settings so that you can add emojis to the channel name. There, press Edit Channel. And soon, there will be a Channel Name Box on your screen.

3.You are ready to add emojis now! First, get into the overview part. Check the Channel name and there, paste the Emoji. For pasting, press CTRL+V. You can paste the Emoji wherever you want! No matter it is before the username or after!

channel name

It completely depends on your preference! And there you go! You are done! All you need to do is save the changes you have made. Go for Save Changes and now, there is an Emoji added to your Discord Channel name now!

How to Add Emojis to Discord Channel Name in Phone

There are two different options for adding or changing the Discord channel icon on your phone. We will discuss the easier one here!

  1. First of all, you have to get into your Discord app through your phone. There, you have to go for the server. Get your hands on the Server. Yes, exactly the place where you are planning to attach the Emoji on your Discord channel name.
  2. Take your finger on top of the channel name and tap there. Make sure you tap and hold it for a while. After holding the Channel name for a while, you will see that some options will arise before you. These channel options will also include the Edit Channel option. Press it.
  3. Once you pick it up, you will see that the Channel Name is right before you and it is ready for any sort of editing. You are free to edit it and add any Emoji you like! Go through the channel name and tap on it.

And now, go through the emojis of your phone and add emojis using the Emoji keyboard of your mobile. After this, search for the blue circle. Clicking it will save the changes you have done to the channel name!

Note: If you do not want to add emojis via your mobile keyboard, you can check the Emoji website and search for the entire Discord Emoji list. Copy anyone from that list and paste beside your channel name! That’s easy, right?

How to Add Custom Server Emoji to Discord Channel

Let’s learn how you can add custom emojis to your Discord channel!

  1. To add custom emojis to Discord, your first work is to open the server where you want to work with it. There, you will see a down arrow. Take your cursor on it and click the arrow. The arrow is placed exactly beside the name of the server. You will find it in the left corner of the top part of your screen.
  2. Once you have clicked the arrow, you will get to see several options. From the options, you have to search for Server Settings. When you find it, click it. After getting into it, you need to check the left sidebar.
Server Setting

There, you will find an option called EMOJIS. That’s what you are looking for! All you need to do is click it and you will get another option named Upload Emojis. Now, you are free to upload emojis according to your preference.

3.The process of uploading the EMOJIS is easy. For this, you have to select any image first. And then, you have to add it. But when you have plans like this, you must keep in mind that per server, you only get to decide on 50 emojis and no more! Yes, this is something you cannot exceed.

Note: In some cases, you might require more emojis than this. What will you do then? How to add e emojis to Discord’s server if you have filled the slot for the 50? There is a solution for this too! For this, you will need some Discord Nitro account users that will help you BOOST your server.

When you get more boost, the possibility increases. After enough boosts, you are free to add 250 of your custom emojis!

Wrap Up

Adding Emojis to your Discord channel name is easy while adding custom emojis can be a little tricky. Yes, Discord resizes your image and makes it perfect.

But if you do not own a Nitro Discord account, you cannot use the emojis out of your server (only where you have uploaded it.) So, it’s a good idea to switch to the Discord Nitro account for all the better benefits!

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