Best Slack Emojis-Things You Must know

Last Updated on November 12, 2022

Yes, we have the right to type what we feel in Slack. But more than typing, what helps us understand the inner emotions is emojis! Yes, from emoticons to emojis and GIFs, you can use all of these to make a better expression of what you feel right now! Let’s have a look at some best slack Emojis that you can use for your office!


Well, dancing isn’t enough when your team has reached a specific height! Now, you have to tell them that it’s time to celebrate and they deserve it! There are celebrating emojis on Slack. Also, there are subsets available.

You can celebrate by simply dancing and having fun. Or you can also arrange a party! A lot of your teammates might like to enjoy drinking too! Or you can throw a pizza party. Nothing else can express the exact emotion than these Slack emojis.

celebrate emoji

Just a Bad Day

Not every day is for celebrating, right? There are days we feel weak. There are days we don’t feel like going out or talking to anybody else. All you need is to express how we feel and a little support from the members of Slack! That’s it!

You can go for the crying emojis along with the ones that express your position the best. Not only crying, but you can also be simply sad or terrified. Let them know what happen to you and how you feel right now!

Dance, boy, Dance

What to do when you are too happy to express it with a wide smile? Dance! Yes, you can show your teammates how happy you are or how joyful you are today to cheer up their mood! Here are some Slack dance emojis, take a look!

You can simply express how you are almost dead working but as you have finished, you are happy to dance with these leftover skeletons! Ha-ha, that’s funny!

Calm Down!

When you and your teammates have a lot of work to do and they can’t concentrate, the best way to tell them to calm down is to use the right emojis. Yes, go for it, they will feel inspired! Add some memes to your messages and statuses!

No matter which day it is, you can plan on adding GIFs too! Check out how to add GIF in Slack to make better use of your expression!

Calm Down

For the Idea

When World Cup is going on, how else you can tell the other users which team you support? Use flag emojis on your status and messages. This brings you joy and people can support you too!

Not only flag, if you support a specific concept, but you can also stand for it too! Don’t get confused if you have never added emojis to Slack. Just check out how to add Emoji to Slack and you are ready for the deal!

the idea emoji


We are not always ready for the situation. And in cases, we get confused and so can your teammates! You can’t be sure every time you make a decision.

So, let the teammate know that you are confused, there’s nothing to hide! Moreover, when they know you are confused, they can help you out too!


Food for Life

No doubt you might want to go out with your Slack team members! What about not writing it down and instead, using emojis? Yes, emojis will bring up a picture or short video of the food.

More than written PIZZA, we will love to see a PIZZA SLICE, right? When you are in confusion about what to eat or order, tap on the emojis to be sure!

Team and the Emojis

Another amazing thing you can do is to settle for custom emojis for the team. However, here, we are talking about the face of the team members! Make a list of the cool members of your team. Or you might have cool pets too!

More than saying “well done” in the written version, you can simply create emojis for them to express your reactions. In this case, you have to custom these emojis, keep this in mind!

Team and the Emojis

Status Emojis

A very useful way to use slack emojis is to reflect your status. Yes, no worries if you are working on the office’s status or your one. Just go for it! Well, you can use any of the emojis you want in your status.

You can also create a full status made of emojis which will be a quiz for the other members. They have to read in between the emojis to find out what are you telling them to say! This is for the weekends, isn’t it fun?

status emoji

Wrap Up

Emojis won’t only express in a better way but they will also make things lighter and situations normal. When people are under stress, emojis will help them stay calm and relaxed. Also, don’t forget, it will present you as a cool person too! So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the emojis, they are fun, cool and people are absolutely raving for them!

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