The Ultimate Guide For Social Media Marketing

We are aware of different media like print media electric media etc. As like others, Social media is an great option for people to connect with different people and also this media allow everyone to promote their products or service easily.

In Social media platform, we can share our feelings, content, images, videos everything we like. Actually, there are not too many restrictions.

There are lots of popular social media sites such as facebook, twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, Reddit etc. This media has huge numbers of active users. That is why it becomes one of the best platforms for marketing. For make your marketing more ease and effective I am going to share some proven tricks for you.

Social media marketing on Facebook

We are very aware that Facebook is the biggest social Media marketing Platform so far in the world. As a marketing platform facebook remains one of the top options for a business developer. It is very effective for content promotions and most importantly Google also like to give priority those sites which have more social engage. Many people finding tough to promote their products and services via facebook. You can market your products and services in Facebook in three ways like: via account, page and group. I would love to ensure some effective tips about all these parts!

I am going share some really effective facebook marketing techniquefor them.

Timing factor

First of all, you know your products and also you are very aware who can use your products. Now please try to

know below questions answer:

Where your customers are live?

What is your customer’s ages?

What is your customer Sex?

I think as a business owner you know above these. Please note when most of the people use Facebook. Most people do not use Facebook in office time. So you need to work with Facebook after office time. I like evening time most. Please be sure what is the exact time in evening for your customers according to your country. because it can vary by countries.

Add a relevant cover photo

The design of the Facebook page allows you to submit a cover image of 851 x 315 pixels on the map of the store. You must maximize this photo ceiling to capture the attention of new visitors, encourage them to explore in. you have to make sure that your image is unique and relevant to your business.

Keep Adding interesting image and pictures

I think the people who use Facebook they like image message than content. Not only Facebook but also any others social media using proper images is a killing marketing technique. Some tips for images share Create images by yourself Never copy other images Use images of lifestyle, rather than product images Be short and Specific Encourage short answers Create image galleries

Join relevant groups:

Here you must find the relevant group for your niche. Such as your niche is “Nike shoe” then you should join the entire big and active groups which are related with shoes.


Then find the people who are already in it and send them friend request if they add you give them a short promotional offer.

Keep most appearing words at the begging of your message like: do you know if you buy shoes today you can save 30%?

Or, do you want to save money for shopping? etc.

Feel free to use comment box for any kind of query.

Tips For Twitter marketing

Nowadays twitter is the great place to find your specific audience. Many marketer believe that twitter can provide more sale than Facebook in free method.

Here are some effective techniques to get more targeted followers in twitter

Follow people from your industry. For instance, suppose you are working with “Fitness building niche” then what you should do is: Find fitness related organization and see they have millions of users. Find them and follow them and do Tweet to them once!

  • Trust me it works! Most of them will follow you back!
  • Share your industry related tips and funny image.
  • Always use # tag before your niche name while you are posting
  • Give me a feedback after two weeks.

Here I am going to share a proven tricks for you all:

Just make sure you have login into your twitter Account then Go to:

Write: “Looking for” “keyword” then clicks on Search! See the magic!

Such as:

“Looking For”web Designer then see the magic below:

Yes. You have found some people or company who are hiring Web designers. So now your job is to contact with them. before contact with them never forget to check details.

Note: Make sure that you are applying a job which is posted recently.

So what you will do?

Just reply them to contact you for hiring…..

Google Plus marketing

To me, there are best two ways to do Google plus marketing effectively!

Well! What are these?

Don’t worry here I am going to disclose these secret ways to increase your sales through G+.

Create circle

This is a very simple way to promote your products/services. Easily we can create some circle and start promoting!

How to create in Google plus account:


From the screen shot, Keep your mouse on Follow options and then you will see some options of your circle. then click to create New circle.

After that, you will get a blank space to write your circle name.

Please Note: when you create a circle make sure that it is related to your niche. such as:

Suppose you are promoting “web development services” then your circle name will be “web development solutions


Group marketing

We all know about G+ group/communities but there are very few people who believe that it really work for promotion. I am a big fan of G+ group marketing because I have got some very good success by using below tips and tricks. Let’s see what my technique is for communities marketing in Google plus in below:

First of all login to your Account with a Gmail ID and then click on the Communities option from the left. For your more clearance have look below image and click on yellow mark option.


Well. Now we can see below page and in Search box write your niche or target area like below:


On the above my niche is “web development” and I search by that keyword then we have found some suggestions from that we will search communities options and will click on more.

As a result, we will get lots of communities and you will join with them and start to contribute and where someone feels interested about in your niche offer him your product.

So now your turn is to choose which group or communities you would like to join!

I strongly suggest only join in communities which are match with the following requirements:

  • Minimum member 5,000
  • Group must be Relevant
  • Group must be Active
  • Targeted location.


Next is coming…..

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