How Strength Training Help To Remain Fit- Strength Training Benefits

As a child, under the careful eyes of parents, families and grandparents, you grow in strength. As a teenager, you tend to develop muscles and more strength. But a little over forty, you tend to lose muscles and the metabolism required for digestion gets reduced. In due course of time, the bones become weaker and the body can become prone to injuries.

Slowly, the skin begins to lose the elasticity and the muscles will start sagging. Sure, you can provide the best form of resistance by joining for strength training. But please ensure, you seek the advice of a physician if you have heart and health related problems.

Some benefits of strength training include –

  •   Heart disease prevention
  •  Protection from paralysis stroke
  •  Control of high blood pressure
  • Helps in enhancement of immunity against diabetes related diseases
  • Prevents obesity, back pain and osteoporosis
  • Promote building of muscle mass and bone mineral density
  • Assists to control blood sugar levels

  1. Builds confidence

Do you know that self-confidence can boost the immunity levels in your body? When you lift a weight that your brain tells it is impossible, naturally, self-confidence creeps in. The main reason, is that confidence helps stimulate the positive effect in the brain by enhancing the production of feel-good hormones, serotonin and dopamine (even endomorphins). A study has confirmed that 15 days of strength training can reduce the anxiety levels in hyper active patients.

  1. Enhances Metabolism

You need not have hordes of muscles stacked in to your arms to remain fit. All you need is a lean muscle mass. In case of strength training, you can practice deadlifts and squats for improving the muscles in the hip and back. In old age, these muscles will help you to stand in good posture. You will face no difficulty in bending exercises.

  1. Lifting Burns Fat

It definitely does, but do the exercises properly. Do not go for heavy lifts unless you have gained experience. When you do resistance training with short rest periods, the growth hormone in your body gets stimulated. This hormone is responsible for maintaining the health of muscle mass, immunity functions and bone structure in the body.

4.    Boosts Hormone Production

With consistent practice, even in old age, maintaining extreme levels of fitness can produce the steroidal hormone, testosterone. This hormone gives many benefits to the human body such as healing of wounds, repair of tissues and maintenance of lean muscle mass. But please note you will have to go for heavy exercises with more intensity and short rest periods.

  1. Increases Muscle

The name for the loss of strength, skeletal muscle mass is called sarcopenia. If you consistently practice resistance training, you will develop the required mass that enables your body to keep fit in old age.

Can Women Go For Strength Training After Forty?

Yes, they can. For generations, women have been told that they should not lift weights at the gym. It will make them look muscular like a man. In short, their physical appearance is distorted.

There was also another myth which stated that women cannot lift heavy weights because they are weak.

But in the 20th century, many women proved that they are equal to men and fashion trends also changed. In recent times, there are also competitions for women in body building.

It has been proved by medical science, humans of any age category such as men, women, kids, adolescents can exercise with weights. But they should be careful in case of injury or if they have health-related problems.

Some Benefits of Strength Training for women –

Weight Loss – After beginning the strength training, benefits will start trickling in. The major advantage is however their weight loss. The sessions promote the build-up of muscles and greater will be the Basal Metabolic Rate. The women’s body will burn calories even hours after the work-out.

The main reasons – the muscles require more energy after the physical work-out. And the same muscles after adequate training will need more strength to get repaired. In both the occasions, the energy needed will promote loss of fat in women.

Preserve Muscle Strength – After menopause, women lose muscles and bone density easily. Hence, it is necessary to preserve muscles. With strength training, they can pack on muscles. Also, they get rid of the extra flab, have toned body and build a tough inner core.

Bone Strength–With consistent practice, the bones will become strong. Hence, the training will prevent unfavorable occasions such as Osteoporosis.

During Pregnancy – It is very important for women to not turn obese. This factor will cause many problems in the process of child birth and may result in delivery problems to the child. It is mandatory for a pregnant woman to keep the body active. But they have to seek the advice of a physician.



Strength training has found to be effective to all age groups – after the age of twelve. It can be weight loss, toning your body or building stronger muscles. Regular practice will make you look the best version of your own mind.

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you cater to online business requests for laundry services in Bangalore? Are you after forty, and believe – hitting the gym can give you more health benefits? Yes, You are right.

Have we missed a valuable point? Be kind enough to put a review in the comments section.

Why Is It Necessary To Maintain Strong Bones Due To Old Age?

There is one bid advantage – the prevention of fracture because of osteoporosis

Inactivity after attaining the age of forty, changes in diet, inadequate consumption of the essential nutrients, and your bone mass goes for a decline. Your bones tend to become fragile and prone to fracture. You can easily attain a fracture after a simple fall.

In the United States, osteoporosis has become the major reason for more than 2.5 million fractures. In fact, hip fractures are considered the more serious. The main reason, more than fifty percent of hip fractures lead to a form of dependence.

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