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A panic attack is such a weird feeling that comes or attacks suddenly with fearful state of mind. The duration of this abrupt feeling can be for minutes to an hour. Without any warning, it attacks on neuronal functions of an individual and make him/her helpless for that moment. When you face a panic attack, you feel like you can’t breathe or you begin to shake or sweat suddenly. Don’t get too nervous for it. Panic attack is not going to kill you. You can handle it if you know how to stop a panic attack naturally. There are some possible ways to cope with this attack and save your neuron from unwanted burden. Let’s have a discussion about that.

Recognize The Symptoms And Be Positive

The Symptoms And Be Positive

When you are going to have panic attack, some symptoms you will surely observe. First of all you should recognize those symptoms of panic attack. Chest pain, sweating, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, unknown fear of failure, sudden urge of escape, fast heart rateetc. will appear before you as monstrous problem. So, try to feel what is happening with you at that situation.

After identifying the symptoms, you may proceed on to learn strategies to stop panic attack naturally. Whatever symptoms are, don’t ignore them. Don’t lose control over yourself. Be proactive and send some positive messages to your nervous system to feel ease. For example, you are going to attend for any job examination for the first time. Suddenly you are struggling with panic attack. At that moment, say to yourself that you are going to manage it naturally. Don’t get nervous. Your positive approach will lead you to find out the best solution to your problem.

Practice Deep Breathing Technique

Excessive panic attack causes shortage of oxygen in your brain. It causes you to release carbon dioxide.Deep breathing will help the blood and oxygen flow to your brain. This technique will calm your exciting state. Pay much attention to inhale and exhale process of yours. At that moment, stop worrying unnecessarily and breathe deeply. Eventually you may start associating with this sudden problem easily.

Distract Your Mind

Once you are done in controlling breathing process, learn distracting yourself from that situation. You can resume this process by doing something you love to do. Listen beautiful music to promote relaxation in your brain and mind. Cooking is another way to keep you busy. You can relax with playing, gardening, chatting with friends and making something creative too. The one and only reason for distracting your mind is to send positive feedback to your brain.

Practice Meditation

Meditation will help you establish a great connection between you and the practical world. So, when panic attack leads you to the frustration, take the help of meditation. For practicing mindfulness, you need to choose a calm and serene place. You can select morning or night time for mediation. Focusing on this proven technique will help you stop panic attack naturally.

Practice Physical Exercise

A sound mind lies in a sound body. That’s why regular physical exercise is mandatory for the betterment of your body and mind. There are various kinds of physical exercise like walking, cycling, swimming etc. It will pump the blood in your body and help release endorphins. Regular exercise will boost your mind and reduce unexpected panic attack.

Take Balanced And Healthy Diet Properly

To keep your fit and healthy, you should take healthy diet regularly. It will help keep your blood sugar level in control. Unsystematic blood sugar level is one of the best common reasons of panic attack problem. That’s why you should check it to avoid health related problems.

Wash Your Face With Cold Water

Washing your face with cold water is an effective and proven way to manage panic attack. It gives you relief. Cold water helps you bringing down your fast heart rate. It activates your digestive and immune system. This strategy will make you feel relax and fresh while you are struggling with panic attack.

Warm Your Hands By Rubbing

You can suddenly feel cold when you face extreme panic attack. Panic attack increases the blood pressure. It increases the blood flow to the body and that’s why you may feel cold. To cope with this horrible situation, warm your hands by rubbing simultaneously. You can use others techniques to warm your hands. For example, you can sit in front of fire or you can hold a hot water bag in your hands.

Sleep Properly

Inadequate sleep can affect your mental health badly. Our brain works on regular basis. Moreover our mind also gets tired for various reasons. For that reason, sufficient sleep is the most valuable issue for you to relax your body and mind. Insufficient sleep leads you to the panic attack and makes your mind restless. So, make sure that you give enough rest to your body and mind. One should sleep for at least eight hours every night.

Always Smile And Be Happy

Smile is the best remedy for you to control panic attack. Try to smile even if you are going through the toughest time. A face with smile is always welcome for everyone. It will make you feel a little bit relaxed. Surround your mind with positive thoughts and figure out positive aspects from every negative incidents happened with you. Just smile a lot and you can reduce panic attack for sure.

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Final Words

Panic attacks are not for longer period of time. Remember, it is a temporary problem and not dangerous. Dealing with panic attack is not that hard task. You can tactfully solve this problem if you know how to stop a panic attack naturally. Natural ways of sorting out this problem will be best for you to lead a peaceful life. Try to find out the underlying causes behind panic attack problem. Stay calm, sooth your sense and get over soon.


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