Slack Download For Linux–Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated on May 22, 2022

Often people are confused if the Slack app is available for Linux or not. Well, the reason is Slack for Windows and Mac went so popular that Linux never got the chance to stand. But Slack didn’t skip Linux. The best thing is you can download it on Linux just as easily as you can download it for Mac and Windows! Check out Slack download Linux in two different ways!

Methods of Downloading Slack for Linux

While Slack download for Windows is easy, downloading it for Linux might take a little practice. If you are interested to download Slack for Linux, the best thing you can settle for is the desktop app. Here’s how you can download it on Linux Ubuntu and RHEL!

Methods of Downloading Slack for Linux

Download Slack for Linux on Ubuntu

Downloading Slack for Linux on Ubuntu is easy. Here, we have listed some basic steps that will help you throughout the downloading process. Go through the download Slack for Linux.

  1. The first job is to get your hands on the Slack downloads page. From here, you can easily download the app and then install it to enjoy the features. Even if you don’t know where to download it, don’t worry. All you need here is to visit the link-
  2. Once you click this link, you will be taken to the Downloads page of Slack. And from this page, all you need is to search the Download option. Check out the whole page. You will see two different options available for download. There will be .deb (64 bit) and .rpm (64 bit). All you need is to check which one works the best for you and click any of these two options.
  3. As you have clicked on the available options for downloads, your device will start downloading the file you have clicked on. It will take a while to download the file. Check the bottom part of your screen. You will see if the download is done or not. Move to the next step when the download is done.
  4. In this step, you have to head towards the file that you have downloaded. Downloaded files are saved in the Downloads folder of your device. Go to the folder first and try to locate the Slack file. The name of the file you have downloaded will start with slack-desktop. With this name, the searching will be easy.
  5. When you find the downloaded file, all you need is to open it. Double-click the file to open and you will be able to view Slack in your Ubuntu Software Center. Here, all you need is to install it. At times, for installing, the password for Ubuntu logging in will be required here. After you add it, your job is to click on the available option Install!
  6. It will take a while to install. Wait for it and then, you can open the app. Go for the search area of the PC. There, type the name Slack and it will bring out the available options. You have to go for the Slack app. Once you open it, log in and enjoy the app!

Download Slack for Linux on RHEL

If you are not an UBUNTU user but you are into RHEL, you can still enjoy the facilities of Slack! We are here to help you out in downloading Slack for Linux on RHEL. Take a look at the steps.

  1. Your first job is to get into the Slack Downloads page. For this, hear for the browser and search for the Downloads page. The process can be made easier if you go for the link- Here, you will find the available versions and you can download them for Linux!
  2. Now that you are already on the Slack Downloads page, you have to search for the download option. There can be several available options for downloading, but for Linux on RHEL, you have to search for the option .rpm (64 bit). Once you find it, your job is to click Download.
  3. Now, you will see an option called SAVE FILE. As you are going to download it, you have to click on Save File and then answer the following question with an OK.
  4. Now you are done downloading the file. It’s time to head towards the Terminal. There, you have to run some commands to complete the download and installation process.

Command: sudo yum –y install <path to rpm file>

You are done! Slack will be installed on your device.

How to Install Slack Desktop Application in Ubuntu Linux

Wrap Up

While there are so many people and sites talking about how to Download Slack for Windows and Mac, for Linux, there are only a few ways. But lovers of Linux will never give up using it- so; we plan to help you out on how to enjoy every bit of Slack. Now that you know how to download and install it, let us know how much you have enjoyed using the app!

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