Keyword selection factors- Need to consider before finalize

Nobody disputes about that keywords are the main factor of an online business. We often make mistake to choose our keyword to run our business or niche site. As we know that to earn money from a site depend on rank then this very clear that we have to rank for getting return form this attractive business.

Short Keywords Selection Guid

Well! There are two kinds of keywords such as:

  • Buying keywords
  • Informative keywords

Buying keyword

The keywords which are using for buy product is called buying keyword such as: low price car, best headphone for iPhone etc are buying keyword.

Informative keywords

very simple, keywords which are giving information instead of buying intend is called informative keyword. For instance, how to ride bike, best way to exercise etc.

Now let’s see what the areas to consider before select keywords

Title test

This is very important case in these days and what is very pleasing for us that anyone can easily understand this. If you see there is one or two site use keyword in title of the Google first page then you can think to work with that.

URL Test

As other factors it is also require more attention from keyword research professionals. Using keyword in URL is very effective to boost up SERP. So those who not using keyword in URL you have bright chance to beat them in that point.

Meta Description

In a sentence, Meta description is a summary of the content. What will be the content story Meta description will represent that!

The length of Meta should be below than 160 characters. I like a Meta description which has more than 150 words and less than 160 and it is the best length of it. So if you noticed that your competitors not using the keyword in Meta description than you have bright chance to beat them.


Pro tips: if you see there is no site which has keyword in title, URL and in meta description then boom! You really can work with that keyword.

Even if you find two of these three (title, URL, Meta) missed the keyword then you have bright chance to rank faster with affordable budget.


Keyword Difficulty (KD)

This can vary tool to tool like if you are using Long trail pro then you can consider keywords which have less than 35 KD. In the Same way, in case of Keyword Revealer, Kwfinder, Ahref, semrush, considerable KD are respectively, Less than 20, 25, 5, 70.


Root domain test

Root domain means your main website URL like,, is your root domain. We all aware that every website takes most of the links and action for root domain to rank and it is true that they want to rank home page or root domain. so If you find more than 4 root domain are already in the first page then leave it for others.

E-commerce test

If there are more than 4 pages come from E-commerce site on first page, This keyword should be avoided. Because it si always tough to beat eCommerce sites.

Page Authority test

If we have at least 2 sites are less than 30 PA this keyword are Suitable for work. This is to mentioned that PA is not important as before. So you can skip it.

Domain Authority test

At test should have below than 30 DA of two pages or site to work on This keyword.

Site age

site age should be less than 1 year at least 1 site among first 10 Sites to work on this keyword. The more new sites is very good for you as a competitor.


Final thought on Keyword Selection Guide

You are confused! right?

Don’t worry here is your final answer! You already know what you should consider before choosing keywords but you just feel hesitate about which keyword you will work on.

The keyword which passes all tests I have mentioned or the keyword that pass the maximum test or the keyword that pas few test of them.

which are the keywords that someone should work?

Well! Work with the keywords which are passing at least maximum test from above or all the test.

Please note: Never work on a keyword as a beginner which is not pass at least two of the test from the first three tests.


Ultimate keyword Research guide:

Ultimate Keyword Research Guide for Amazon Niche Site

Best of luck!

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