How to Use Zira Discord Bot-Tips & Tricks

Last Updated on October 9, 2022

Zira bot is a reaction role bot for Discord that helps you to assign roles only by reacting to messages through emojis.

Here, you get the features of multiple messages, and channels, assigning roles, using custom emojis, etc. The bot has an easy setup. But if you don’t know it, let’s show you how to use Zira Discord bot in a few easy steps!

Method of Using Zira Bot

First of all, you have to ensure that Zira bot is added successfully or not. Along with this, the bot response is also necessary. If it doesn’t respond to the commands properly, your efforts will go in vain.

In this case, you have to settle for troubleshooting. So, first, take a look if the bot is working fine or not so that you can learn how to use Zira Discord Bot and assign roles and emojis.

Assign Roles in Zira Bot

  1. So, now that you have checked and ensured that the bot is working fine, you have to check the server settings. Go to the Server Settings and to do this, you have to go to the server first. There, you need to right-click on the server. This will bring option options from where you can simply click on Server Settings so that you can change the settings.
  2. After you have settled for the sections, you need to search for the roles section. With this option, you can add new roles. There will be a blue option available named Create Role. All you need is to click its button so that you can create roles. Also, you have to option of customizing the roles too. You can add role names and colors to it if you prefer.
  3. When you have already settled for the creating roles button, you need to get back to the server. Here, you have to add roles to emojis. But before that, you have to create a new text channel in your server. This channel will be dedicated to all the assigned roles along with the emojis. Once you have created a new text channel, you can move to the next step.
  4. In this step, you have to set up the bots. We recommend the users create another new channel so that they can set up the bots. But you can also go for any of your text channels if you prefer. Existing channels work will work for you too. Here, type the ‘z/channel’ and then press enter. Here, Z refers to the Zira bot. However, at times, some users decide to change their prefixes. If you have changed it, you can go for that prefix too.
  5. Once you have done this, you will get a message from Zira. The bot will ask you for the name of the channel that you want to use for this job. All you need here is to add the name of the channel that you are going to use for saving the assigned roles. After you have added the name, you have to press enter. By pressing enter, you will set an active channel message. At this point, the channel you have mentioned here will be sued for assigning roles from now on.
  6. Now that you have assigned roles, you can go for the emojis and add them to the roles. Once again, you have to type ‘z/message’ and then press enter. It will run the same process once again and the bot will message you to enter the message ID. To enter the message-id, however, you have to follow a format.


7. After you have added this formal, you can simply add the emoji to the role you have selected. In either case, simply change the part EMOJI NAME and add the emoji you desire here.

When you have assigned the roles, you are free to check the assigned roles channel so that you can check all of the assigned roles.

Assign Emojis to Zira Bot

  1. In the final step, you can add emojis to the roles now. You have to get back to the previous text channel first. There, you need to type “z/add :EMOJI NAME: @ROLE NAME” Whenever you type the formats we have mentioned here, make sure you do not use the quotation marks. After typing it, you can press enter.
  2. Now, you can go to the assigned roles channel and will see the emoji added. You can react with the emoji on the previous messages too. And the server members that react with the same emoji you have selected will have the role assigned to them automatically. Check the members’ panel and click on a member to see the assigned roles added to them.

Final Words

Using the Zira bot in Discord is easy when you plan to go for a reaction role bot. With the help of emoji reactions, a user can be assigned to the roles here. And among the reaction role bots, Zira is known for a reason. Check out the steps and you can enjoy this fun game of assigning roles with emojis!

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