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Last Updated on January 26, 2022

Slack is getting popular for all the good reasons. Now, you can manage your projects better than before. No matter it is a reminder or connecting the other tools, you can go for a lot of ways to manage the tasks. Here, we have discussed several ways of how to use Slack for project management and make your job easier. Take a look!

How To Use Slack For Project Management

Slack for Managing Projects

Once you know about Slack outlook integration and other tool integration, you won’t leave Slack ever! Yes, here are some methods that you can use for managing projects in Slack. Dive in to know more!

Project-Specific Channels

With Slack, you, as a team, can easily create project-specific channels. The best part is you can create as many projects as you want! In this way, you will be able to bring out the right information. Also, you can get people into the right channel if you use this.

Days of inundating the team members and the stakeholder with tons of emails is a matter of the past if you are with Slack. If you are using Slack, you will also be able to pin messages and the files containing doc, designs, briefs, and others to any direct message or channel. It will help in easy reference later.

The items that you have pinned can be accessed by anyone in your channel or the direct message section.

Connecting Tools

If you are on this platform, you will be able to connect the tolls that you are using via the app store of Slack. In this way, you can easily pull the project notifications into the Slack app. Also, it will help in performing the necessary actions you will need.

But for this, you won’t need to switch between the applications anymore! Go for Asana-Slack integration to create tasks within Slack, You can also turn Slack messages into tasks here. If you don’t want to leave Slack and yet perform task actions, you can go for this one too!

There are unique needs of a company. With the help of the Slack API, you can go for custom apps. These will address the additional and unique needs of your company. All you need to do is visit Slack’s app directory.

From here, you will be able to integrate the third-party tools that your team uses. Also, you will be able to find new tools that can help with your task and stay on task too!

Automated Reminders

Keeping our Slack team updated, we have to take care of the meetings and reviews. Also, the approvals and status updates are necessary notifications for the team members. However, you can’t do all of these alone.

In this case, you need to get your hands on the automated reminders by Slack. No matter it’s more approvals or status updates, reviews, or meetings, automated reminders are your savior.

And in this way, there will be no chance of something slipping through the cracks anymore! Here are a few ways in which you can set up Slack reminders. Check them out!

Attending Message later

There are times when you can’t attend to a message right when it arrives. In that case, you need to attend it at a later date or time. But how will you do it? With the help of this reminder!

You can simply set this reminder and tell Slack to remind you of this message later so that you don’t forget about it. All you need is to go for the message section and get your hands on the three dots icon added there.

After clicking it, you will see the “remind me about this” option available in the menu. Tap on it and all you need now is to select the time or date you want to review it. Click CUSTOM if you want to add it on your own!

Reminder for Yourself

What if you forget about anything when it comes to dealing with Slack? Well, in this case, the best thing you can do is set a reminder for yourself! Yes, all you need is to get your hands on the shortcuts menu or the lightning bolt icon.

Tapping on it, there will be options available and you have to select “set myself a reminder.” Now, all you need is to add the description of the event along with the date and time so that it can remind you later. You are done!

Third-Party Apps

You can easily connect the Google Calendar app with Slack. And in this way, you can send the whole team the necessary reminders. Take a look at Google Calendar Slack integration to know more about it! Here, the right method is mentioned in detail. From monthly, quarterly, weekly, and even daily reminders, you can get your hands on all of them here!

Slash Command and Custom Reminder

You might not like the third-party apps; no worries! We have other ways too! Here, you can use the slash command. With this command, you can create custom reminders! Isn’t that interesting?

Well, it’s easy to create a custom reminder for your entire channel. You can also settle for a specific team member too. Or it can be set for you if you want! All you need is to type “/remind” and then, Slack will come up with a formatting template. And then, you are free to add the custom reminder!

Managing Tasks

Project management in Slack will also require managing tasks. Well, there are several ways to manage your tasks on this platform. Let’s go through them.

Integrating a Task Management App

Go for Trello, Wunderlist, or Todoist apps for managing the tasks. In this way, you won’t need to leave Slack for adding teams to the team or personal task list.


At times, you might want to keep task management within Slack without email notifications. Go for Workast and use the commands for task management. Commands like /todo or /mytodo are for assigning tasks and managing personal tasks.

Pinning Messages

You are free to pin or save messages for task management. This is rather an easier way to manage tasks. You can save the messages and check them later. Also, keeping it pinned will help others to learn about it. And thus, it will help you and your team in project management.

Sharing and Collaborating

At times, you will need input on your presentation. Or you might require final approval on the designs too! You can upload and share the file. In this way, you can initiate the collaboration. Adding files from your devices along with the storage services is available here too.

Go for Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, or your PC and mobile. Uploaded files can be shared to the workspace and the entire channel can get access. You can send it via direct message too.

So, you already know how easy it is to share necessary files and collaborate when you have Slack! Get your hands on this app and enjoy managing projects like a pro.

How To use Slack app for beginners & project management

Wrap Up

By using Slack, project management has become easier than before. If you use this platform, you can work smart and communicate better. It provides you with a central place for discussing the project and necessary guidelines.

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