How To Train Your Dog Not To Bark- Stop Dog From Barking

Barking is perfectly normal behavior of a dog as every creature has its unique way of communication. A dog naturally barks to draw your attention, to guard your house or to protect you from unwanted dangers. Moreover they can bark, when they are stressed, exhausted or lonely.

Their suffering can sound pretty melancholic in their deep and throaty barks. However excessive barking habit becomes problematic issue for everyone in the household, as well as neighbors and visitors. You feel quite embarrassing when your dog unnecessarily barks in front of your guests or friends. So in this case, at first you need to find out the key reasons behind his excessive barking. As a dog owner, most probably you don’t know how to train your dog not to bark. There are many ways to stop your puppy from frequent barking. Let’s have a look at that.

Determine the reason of the barking

Barking of a dog is always appreciating when someone tries to break into our home or our house sets on fire. But we can’t appreciate him in his obsessive craziness. As a dog owner, you need to know the main reasons for his incessant barking. Here are some reasons of that.

  • When your dog feels insecure about anything, he starts barking more. As an example if any person tries to threaten him, he will get frightened. His body language will show you if he is fearful about anything or not. His fear posture will include his ears pulled back and the tail lowered.
  • Another reason of his incessant barking can be to draw your attention. If he needs any immediate help from you as bathroom, thirst, hunger or protection, he can bark more.
  • Boredom and anxiety can drive your dog to bark crazily.
  • If your dog is struggling with any serious health issue, he may bark to express his agony.
  • Dogs may bark when they are very happy to see you. When they get excited to see you, they shake their tails frequently as an expression of their love

Remove the motivation that instigates him to bark:

Once you determine the reason that is causing your dog to bark more, you should work on eliminating the incentive. As an example, if your pet barks at passersby when he is outside of your home, then bring him inside to stop barking. When he does the same inside of your home, close the blinds of curtains of your window. If possible remove the doorbell that stimulates him to bark. Try to keep your dog detached from the places where he barks.

Reward his silence:

When your dog barks, you start shouting in reaction. By doing this, you are encouraging him to bark more. So at the time of his barking, you should stay calm and ignore his barking. Just don’t pay any attention to him when he is barks. Don’t respond to him, don’t touch him and if possible don’t look at him. When he won’t get any attention from you, he will lose interest in shouting. Reward him with treats when he adopts silence. If you reward him for his calm attitude consistently, your dog will understand that keeping silence is more profitable for him rather than excessive barking.

Keep your dog tired by exercise:

Regular exercise makes his muscles strong and fit. Take your dog to walk around open spaces where he can round easily. It enables him to refresh his psychological state. Adequate exercise allows them to regulate their own emotions better. Moreover regular exercise will make him tired and hungry. A tired dog is often considered as a well behaved dog. He won’t have enough reasons for him to bark incessantly. When he gets tired doing sufficient physical and mental exercises, then feed him his favorite dishes. After that you can leave him alone for some time. Most dog masters don’t know how to stop dog barking when left alone. That’s another way of stopping his crazy noise. Because tiredness won’t allow him to bark anymore.

Reverse his attention:

When your pet barks crazily, reverse his attention from barking incentive. Desensitize him from his motivation. His intense amount of barking will stop when you start reversing his attention with some other things, he loves to do.

Use voice command and reinforcement:

When your lovely pet barks, use your body language to give him a message that he is doing something wrong. You should clearly speak “No” in a clear and loud voice. You can put your hand out in front of him. This body language of yours will make him realize not to bark any more. Just give it a try and make this happen consistently. When he will be accustomed to this, he will listen to your every command. Make eye contact with him to make him understand you don’t prefer his barking at that moment.

Consult a professional trainer:

When every attempt goes in vain, you must consult a professional trainer. Sometimes a common problem arises and that is how to stop dog barking when left alone. An easy way to train your dog not to bark in that condition is to spend some time with him when you are free. Make sure you do this with him consistently. Don’t leave him in distress condition.

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Final words

It’s very natural for a dog to bark. But intense amount of barking seems very nuisance and disturbing for every dog owners. So you must be very passionate to learn how to train your dog not to bark. By using these effective techniques on regular basis, you can find out proper solution to your problem. But before using any strategy, you should keep in mind an important thing. And that is some barking is most necessary and should not be discouraged in case of alerting you from unexpected dangers. Be loyal and patient to your dog because he is worthy of firm believe and profound love of yours.


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