How To Train Dog To Attack-Simple Ways To Teach a Dog

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Dogs are very loyal and most dependable companion for us. They protect you, your family and your home from unwanted dangers. When a problem arises, we want them to act as the watchful dog. If he is reluctant to his duty, we get mad at him. Actually, every dog has inborn guarding abilities. Only proper training can make your dog a good guard for your safety. That’s why you need to learn how to train a dog to attack. Because if any thief breaks into your home and carries away valuables silently, you must feel annoyed at the inactive approach of your dog. When provoked, dogs can be most aggressive opponents for anybody. So teaching your dog to attack command is a huge responsibility for you in this article, I am going to share some valuable steps to train your dog to attack command. Let’s have a look at that.

Attack dog training tips:

As a dog owner, you need to learn some tricks to control your dog with your command. Let’s know about the tricks as well.

Strengthen a bond between you and your dog:

To make a good friendship between you two, you must bring your puppy close to you. You can learn attack dog training tips by following these steps.

  • Walk with your dog whenever you get enough time. That’s the way you can spend quality time to strengthen a connection with him.
  • Play with him for some time whenever you are free.
  • Reward him with some treats for his good behavior.
  • Be patient and calm when he is doing something mischief.

Be ready for your protection first:

At first, you should be careful with your protection before training your dog attacking process. You must cover your body and face with protective bite bar dress. If your dog attacks on you accidentally, this protection will save you from unexpected dangers.

Train your dog to follow your command:

At the very beginning of your training process, you need to teach your dog some basic commands like stop, come, and sit, go, stand etc. Then teach your dog to bark after seeing any stranger. It will be more effective in the training progression. Your dog needs to recognize your voice tone obviously. That’s why to use a specific cue to call him. When he barks at your command once or twice, then order him to stop. When he starts following your command, reward him with his desired treats. That’s the way you can encourage your pet dog to follow your order.

Teach your dog to respond to “attack’’ command:

When your dog learns to follow your commands, teach him to respond to your “Attack’’ command. I am going to share some tricks to train him to attack your order.

  • Tap his face slightly after wearing protective bite bar dress. Do that consistently until he attacks you in wrath. I admit this is the risky and troublesome situation for you. That’s why I suggest you to take protection in advance. When he attacks your gloves, shout “attack’’ in a loud voice. You can use a big doll in your place also. This is one of attack dog training secrets. But make sure about your protection at first. Your dog should learn the meaning of “attack’’ by this process. Try to repeat this process 4 -5 times to make your dog understand the meaning of ‘’attack’’. When he starts responding to your ‘’attack’’ command and reacts to your expectation, that means he is familiar with the command.

Praise and reward your dog:

You need consistency to use the same command. That’s the way he will get habituated to listen to your orders. Afterwards, reward him by giving some cookies. Praise your dog for his excellence. He will highly motivate to follow your command if he is rewarded with food treats and appreciation. This is essential to guide your dog associate the word ‘’ attack’’ and drive him to make his action promptly.

Use stranger to training your dog to defend you:

In the training process, you need to use a stranger to train your dog to protect you. To get the better result from this technique, you should use a person who is completely unknown to your puppy. In this case, he can wear a dog attack suit for his protection if needed.  When you ask your dog to bark at him, he should act afraid and run off. Eventually, this idea of yours will make him feel more confident. The barking of a dog at the sight or entrance of any stranger is necessary. It will alert you to understand the presence of any stranger even if you are not aware of that. But keep a thing in mind. Some people can come to talk to you or for others necessity. Some of them can be your relatives who are totally stranger to your dog. If your dog attacks and causes any harm to them, it will become an unpleasant issue. In this situation, you can introduce your dog to them with affection and command. Ask them not to make any threatening gestures.

Get help from a professional trainer:

If your all attempts go in vain, you can seek help from professionals. A professional dog trainer knows the techniques of attack dog training secrets better. A professional can help you train your dog fairly.

How To Train your Dog to attack see In video:

Final words

As a worthless dog is not useful for any dog owner, that’s why he must know how to train a dog to attack. If you want your dog to attack when you want to, these steps will definitely help you. With suitable training process, it is possible to train your dog to attack your command. A dog should provide his owner personal protection against any unwanted attack or dangers coming toward you. Dogs inherit aggression and attacking nature from born.  Still, appropriate training can make them more skillful to do their duty better than before.


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