How To Train a Dog To Walk on a leash-Ease ways To Train Dog

Most dog owners cherish a deep desire to have a walk with his dog. Naturally many dogs are not aware about how to properly walk on a leash keeping pace with his master. Generally a dog walks much faster than human beings. Perhaps, leash manner is the most interesting and challenging task for you to teach your puppy to walk on a leash.

It prevents him from pulling during walks. If your dog carries a habit of pulling back or turn around, then you must know how to train a dog to walk on a leash. Thus you can take your pet dog for outing into a crowded place without any hesitation. Teaching him leash skills can be a tiring experience for you. But it will be a life time achievement for you to control your dog while walking outside.

Introduce your dog with his leash and collar

Let your dog introduce with his collar and leash. Yes, this is the very first step to train a dog to walk on a leash. He should feel comfortable and easy enough with this equipment’s. When you let him spend quality time with his collar, he will be much more habituated with it. He will roam here and there wearing the collar around your house. Make sure that the collar has a dog tag on it with your phone number and address. If he runs away, then you have a possibility to get back him. When he feels comfortable with his collar, then attach a suitable leash and make him walk. The leash should be suitable enough for your pet. Initially, four to six feet leash will be enough to train your dog. Above all make sure about his comfort zone.

Reward your dog for obedience

To stop your puppy from pulling, you need to reward him consistently. For an example, you go for a walk with your dog. When he is on his way to you, make a little bit distance with him physically. Then treat him with plenty of rewards when he gets to you.

Moreover, you can reload some rewards on your left hand. Treat him nicely for every step you walk together. When your dog will walk properly on a leash, you can pop a small amount of food into his mouth. In that case soft treats will entice him badly because he can eat them promptly and continue training progression. Appreciate him for walking along at your pace. When he will start pulling again, get his attention by calling her name. At that time, show him your empty left hand. Make him sure about the fact that pulling won’t help him get rewarded. This strategy will surely let you know how to train a dog to walk.

Stop moving forward when your dog pulls

You need to know this simple way of handling your puppy to walk without pulling on the leash. When he tends to pull, you should stop moving forward. A dog can pull for various reasons. May be he wants to play fetch, or he wants to go to the park and smell the grass of that place quickly. If you stand still at the time of his pulling, it will allow him to sense not to pull anymore.When you won’t move anymore, he will understand that pulling won’t help him reach in his desired destination. Then automatically he will come back to you. This idea should help you learn how to train a dog to walk.

Introduce your dog with a consistent cue

Develop a specific cue or sound to attract your dog by calling. It will help your puppy understand what you are trying to direct him. Once you have found a consistent cue for your pet dog, try to apply it on him in a non-distracting environment. When your dog will be accustomed to this sound, he will start responding to your call promptly. So when he will try to pull at the end of the leash, use your cue sound to attract him. If he turns and look towards you, provide him special treats. These steps will have positive impact on training your dog.

Teach your dog to walk a specific side of yours

Your walk won’t be much pleasant enough if your dog constantly change his position while walking. That’s why you need to teach your dog to walk one side of you following these tips.

  • Keep the leash short enough so that he can’t alter his position frequently. Your dog must not feel uncomfortable also. So make sure about the leash is not too short.
  • Entice him to stay on one side with small treats. You can use specific voice sound to command him to walk by your side. Make a positive experience and reward him for every step. He will be good listener to your command.

Play with your dog to develop his skill

Walking manner of your dog will develop by playing games with him. Thus a strong bond will grow between you two. In this way you can teach him various skills as like as leash manners, attention growing, self-control, obedience, body awareness etc. Make sure about that you play with your dog in non-distracting environment. Once he has acquired the manners and those particular skills, you can utilize them to train him while walking outside.

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Final Words

Leash issues are troublesome problem for every dog owners. Most dog owners are in a fix about how to train a dog to walk on a leash. But keep a thing in mind that this problem is not that difficult you worry about. You can prevent and manage these issues tactfully by using proper training methods. Dogs are very loyal animal and have that gifted capability to protect you from unwanted dangers. Instead of scolding them, reward him continuously for his positive behavior. Lure him with heartfelt affection and love of yours.

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