How To Screen Share on Discord with Sound-Quick Fixed

Last Updated on May 14, 2022

Screen sharing is a feature found in Discord that allows members of a server to share their screens with other members of the server. This feature is useful for displaying problem-solving steps or sharing live gameplay with your friends.

How to screen share on discord with sound in this tutorial, you will learn how to screen share on discord with sound.  If you are looking for a discord screen share without any sound issues, then follow the guide:

How To screen share on Discord with sound

This application allows 9 other people to join in a video call and users can share screens when needed! let’s see the right and easy process to make your communication more enjoyable.

Configure Discord for Screen Share & Video Call

Discord is a great tool for gamers, whether you’re looking to chat with friends playing the same game or just kill some time with strangers in the voice servers. It’s also a great tool for a whole host of other things, but one of its most useful features is its screen and video call capabilities. Here’s how to make video calls and screen shares easier to set up and use.

So keep following the whole process to learn how to share the screen in discord with sound

Video/Camera Settings

Discord is a great platform for gamers, but it requires a bit of adjustment to the user interface if you are used to something like Skype. Listed here are some of the main settings and functions of Discord, and understand how to use them. Now just make sure to click on setting gear:

click on setting gear

Click on Video and voice

Now Move to the app setting and select the option voice and video from the application left sidebar.

Image voice and video

Scroll to Video Setting

The video setting will allow you to test the video whether it works or need any improvement there before making a video call for showing something through screen share with others in discord.

The video testing window will look, like the below screen:

test video for screen share

Pro Guide:

Discord fans might use it from the browser apps and on that case, you have to allow your computer microphone to access for audio. You will see a pop up like this:

 allow discord camera access

Just click allow! Wow! You have done it! How ease to share screen from this awesome communication app.

Share Sound While Sharing Screen on Discord

Discord is a fast-growing platform designed for communication, while it was originally designed with gamers in mind, it’s quickly become a favorite among musicians, regardless of whether they’re performing live or releasing albums. It’s not surprising: Discord is free, easy to use, multi-platform, and includes many helpful features like screen share with clear sound.

So here must be careful about sound while you are making a call that aims to utilize the screen share feature.

To enable the sound as the image is shown:

share sound

Start sharing discord screen with sound

So you have done every perfectly, now is the time to enjoy your video or screen sharing. Just follow these:

Click on the icon of discord screen share

tab to screen share icon

FAQ about the Screen feature on Discord

Does Discord charge to use the screen sharing feature?

No, you can share your screen in any Discord voice channel without spending any money. Although Discord has charged for Nitro subscription service, which includes some other features. As a normal user, you don’t pay!

What is preventing audio from splitting on the Discord screen?

We analyzed several cases and after troubleshooting and looking closely at the conditions, we found that this problem was due to various reasons. They may not all apply to you as each computer is configured differently:

Early-stage audio functionality:

The screen-sharing audio mechanism is in its early stages and not stable enough (it was first released in beta). There are a few more topics that we will focus on in the next section.

Bad audio drivers

Like any other audio application, Discord uses audio drivers installed on your hardware. Problems arise when the audio drivers are damaged or not working properly.

Administrative Access:

Since Discord is now sharing full-screen mode with other remote computers, administrative access to their computers may be required. Granting high access usually resolves the problem.

App Issues:

There are certain apps that generally don’t work well with Discord. In this case, there is nothing else you can do but look for alternatives.

Before starting the solutions, make sure you have the necessary credentials to log in. You may need to sign in to the app from scratch when we reset the app. Administrative access is essential. Also, check that the sound option is enabled in the application window.

Why can’t I share my screen in Discord?

First of all, Check the permissions

For privacy reasons, you may need to check and update Discord permissions before enabling screen sharing. If the necessary permissions are blocked, Discord may not be able to record and broadcast your screen on any platform.

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Final words

Adding a screen share to your Discord call can be extremely useful for a number of reasons. This can be anything from letting your friends know what is in your inventory in your favorite game, to letting your friends see the screens of your desktop for a help session. The best thing is that it is incredibly easy to set up. Hope that was helpful to fix the issue and now you would be able to share your screen in discord with sound.

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