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Last Updated on April 26, 2022

Discord is a popular communication program for PC and Mac. It’s modeled after Skype and is available for Android and iPhone. It offers voice and text chat, as well as group video chat. The iPhone version even allows users to record their screen, and share that recording with other users in their Discord channel. Users can also broadcast their screens to their friends in the Discord app.

Sometimes we might need to record our calls and if you are a discord lover and iPhone user then this is the perfect guide for you to record discord calls on your iPhone. So let’s learn how to record calls within a few minutes:

Step by Step Guide: How To Record Discord Calls on iPhone

There are numerous ways to record the calls on discord, we are going to show how you can record calls from the discord server. To make it happen, we will take help from Craig chat. Craig is the voice channel recording robot for means when Craig records his Discord voice channel, he will get a separate audio file for each speaker. You can balance, mute, or edit each speaker individually. You would be able to download your record for future uses. let’s see, how it works:

Click on Craig chat

Just go to the Craig chat official website and see there is a couple of options to go about it. What you need to do is click on invite Craig to your discord server. We just mark it reed cycle. See in the below image and do it

 Invite Craig to your server in discord

Sign in to your discord account

User your correct id password and you must choose a server which voice you want to record. Here is how you can find the server in discord:

find server in discord

Now you can see Craig just added to your server from the bottom of your discord app.

Craig Instruction

Now you can control the app for recording calls on iPhone. To do so, you are requiring using the following code instruction which you need to place in the chatbox like below and press enter:

To begin recording write: Craig: join and for stopping write again: Craig: leave

Hurry! All you have done!!!! Wait! Wait!

Now you must be worried about how to save the recorded file. You can download these recordings. No worries you will get a direct message from Craig where you will get a link to download your all-important record.

Video on: How To Record Discord calls on iPhone

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Final words

In recent days discord is a very popular communication for smart gamers. For many reasons, we might need to keep our discord call record and sometimes we don’t know how to make it happen even if there is no way directly to record discord on iPhone or mobile, we need to add something extra like Craig. After reading the above guide regarding that you might be able to do that easily in no time.  Don’t be shy to share your problem about discord with us in the comment section.

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