How To potty train your dog-That Really Work

Potty training is a process to keep your puppy clean and dry in home. Generally a puppy will empty his tiny bladder inside of large modern homes. He gets enough spaces for his urinary process and that’s why he feels unnecessary to go outside. So, you need to learn how to potty train your dog and where he needs to be before he starts peeing or emptying himself in wrong places. Small dogs tend to take more time to learn potty training because they carry small bladder and superior metabolisms. The earlier you resume the process of house training your dog, the better it will be to break his ongoing habits. Dogs don’t have that capacity to understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness in home. In this regard, you need to train him effectively. Let’s know the procedure to train him.


Grow a habit in him using an alarm

Your puppy is quite new in your house. Usually he doesn’t know where to empty himself. That’s why it’s your duty to take him out in those first few days. Eventually he will learn to identify his potty place. This is very common to forget things in your busy schedule. So, you can use an alarm for getting this purpose successfully done. Set an alarm on your watch or phone. It can help you remind to take your puppy in his fixed potty area.

Use a command to motivate him to use the bathroom

When your dog feels emptying himself, take him to his potty place regularly. Use a specific command like ‘’ Bathroom’’ or ‘’ Go potty’’. Cheer him to use the bathroom on command. If your puppy follows your order, then praise him with affection and reward him with a lot of treats. Your step will grow a regular habit in your puppy to use the bathroom when he feels necessary to vacate his bladder.


Crate your puppy

Crate training is important for your puppy. Purchase a crate for him that has enough space to turn around comfortably. Always keep the crate door open for him so that he can use it at his own pace. When he will get habituated with the crate, He will find a fixed space to live when you are not in home. You can use crate as a training tool to this process. When he seems not to listen to your command, confine him in his crate for 5 minutes. After that, take him with you to use his regular bathroom spot on your command. As a dog owner, you must know how to potty train your puppy fast. When he starts responding to your command, appreciate him with sweet words and treat him special rewards.

Using a bell system in potty training

In training method, you can use a bell system. Hang the bell low enough for him so that he can reach there with his nose or paw. You can set the bell outside or leaving room, where your puppy spends most of the time. Train your puppy to use the bell when needed. Once he understands the bell system and its working function, he will use it when he feels relieve his bladder. If he the bell sound frightens him, you need to make him easy and relaxed. Holding a treat in your hand, you may start ringing the bell. This system will reduce his fear of bell sound. You can smear some treats on the bell. When he tries to reach on there, rewards him with treats again. That’s how you can teach him using the bell sound. At a time, he will learn to use the bell to evacuate his urinary system.

Establish a regular routine

A regular routine can make your puppy disciplined. It can help you learn how to potty train your puppy fast. Keep consistency in his eating, sleeping, playing and bathroom schedule. When a puppy is 12 weeks old, he should have four meals per day. When they reach on adulthood, he should get meals for three times on regular basis. Teach him to finish his food within 10 to 15 minutes. After that, pick up and remove the rest. After having his meals, teach him to use the bathroom on regular basis.

After a bathroom break, make a regular sleep schedule for him. Normally, some puppy sleeps for 8 hours a day. Playing session is an important part for his development. Keep your puppy relaxed and safe when he plays. When he starts following regular routine, it will make him learn what to do on time. In potty training, regular routine system is necessary for your puppy.

Don’t punish him

Be kind and soft to your puppy in training process. Don’t scold and shout at hi. It will make him get frightened. Puppies will take time to get used to this habit. Punishment will create a fear in his mind. Later, it can frighten him to pee in front of you.

As a result, you will have to wait for longer period of time to teach him using his allocated bathroom area. When he needs to empty his bladder at regular intervals, he definitely needs your help. If possible, teach your puppy to pee on the puppy pads. You can restrict him to a smallish room with washable floors. Make sure that you are not harsh to him.

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Final Word

A Successful potty training will definitely help you to have a clean and dry puppy including a hygiene home. For this reason, you need to learn how to potty train your dog. Make your training methods easy for him so that he gets no confusion to understand. Remember that they have little control over their bladder and as a result you find your living place filthy and unhygienic. By following steps, I mentioned here, hopefully you can do better potty training for your dog. After all it’s a matter of maintaining healthy environment in your home and neatness of your dog.


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