How to Make the Internet Faster in 8 Simple Steps

Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by Harry Holden

It’s very important for an internet user to know how to make the internet faster. There are plenty of causes to internet connections seem to slow over time. follow the 8 steps to speed up your internet connection.

1.Clean the Computer

When a computer overheats it can be slow and finally causes a serious problem.Blocked air vents and too much dust on the fan are causes overheating. Remove and unplug the batteries and the back panel.Then clean with the tissue and compressed air.It’s an important task to make the internet faster.

2.Free up the Hard Drive and Clean Cache

Temporary internet files or extra programs and files are responsible for slower internet connection.So, they should be deleted and free up the hard drive.Also clear, cookies and cache.

3.Browser Update

The old browser also responsible for internet speed.Update the browser in order to get the internet faster.Always try to download the latest version of google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari alternatively.

4.Background Activities

Sometimes many programs will run on the computer at the same time.This can be slow down the speed.To ensure the internet faster, you need to check and stop the usual background activities which are running in the system.Windows uses can find the task manager by pressing ctr+shift+Esc.


Adware is some of your computer wide software supported online advertisement. They almost hog the bandwidth, slowing down the internet speed.If you keep an eye on some issue then you can get rid of it.The software that you want to install adware is not recommended or if you want to remove the check mark. Use good quality adware remover. I personally suggest Spy Hunter 4 and Malwarebytes.You can try with this.

6.Network Security

If you access the internet through a router, your connection may slow down.Because of other people using the connection to surf the internet. Stop them from doing it by setting a password.When the network is secured then it’s easy to make the speed faster.

7.Safe from viruses

The viruses, worms, and bugs that often done harmful acts like delete files or use your computer to attacks another computer.The universal truth is malicious software can hijack the network and also slow the speed. So, safe the computer from viruses.Install an anti-virus software like Avast, AVA, Kaspersky, etc.

8.Reboot the Computer

When a computer hanged or a getting tired then its need to take a rest. You have to restart it as soon as possible. After restarting the computer, it becomes first as before and the speed of the connection is also faster.

How To Make The Internet Faster

Bottom Line

Is it a difficult task for you? No, it’s a simple job. Doing such kinds of simple steps it makes the internet faster.So, make it happen and enjoy the colorful world of the internet.

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