How To Make lemon Water For weight loss-Loss weight Naturally

Are you feeling tensed at gaining more weight than normal level? Don’t worry at all when there is an easy to get a solution at your hand. Lemon water is an effective detox liquid to help you in that case.

It’s like a blessing combination for the benefits of your health. In this article,we will explore the ultimate recipe of how to make lemon water for weight loss.

This life-changing drink is enriched in vitamins and also contributes a lot to hydrate the cells of your organs. To evaluate more about it, we are heading towards the broad discussion of how it works and the important benefits of it along with the main topic.

How it works in weight loss issue

Lemon water is a juice made with the mixture of water. It is not sweeter in taste usually. Mostly it depends on your personal choice. Before knowing the recipe, we need to learn first about how this useful drink works in our body.

It promotes the digestive system of your organs. Once, it is stimulated by the lemon ade drinks, it increases a decent amount of bile. Also, it removes the constipation problems.

In general, the liver is there to generate bile. Lipids and fat get broken down easily when you regularly drink it. It never allows fat to store on the body to, produce more weight.

Again, it is one of the greatest sources of vitamin C. You know what it has potential power of decreasing you’re few pounds.

Moreover, it is a good source of anti-oxidants. It can suppress the weight gain issues nicely. Also, it removes the high amount of sugars in the blood.

The recipe for preparing this juice

In this article, we are about to know how to make lemon water for weight loss.To make this effective drink, you need to add more ingredients besides water and lemon. Let’s check out it.

Main ingredients

  • Warm water for 2/3 cups.
  • 2/3 squeezed lemon.
  • 1 tablespoon of honey.
  • Salt as per your taste.


Optional mixing elements

  1. Watermelon
  2. Cucumber
  3. Ginger root for a tablespoon.
  4. Pepper ground.

Step 1:

First of all, take a clean glass and fill it with 2/3 cups of warm water.

Step 2:

Now take the fresh lemons and squeeze them nicely. It may cover ½ of a cup. Never take them from the store.

Step 3:

Take required amount of honey. Mix it with the juice. It will help you in improving the flavor of it. Also many health benefits you will have from it.

Step 4:

In this step, you can mix salt with it. Despite this is not a mandatory task to do, you can do it to add more taste to the juice. Another important fact you need to notice that the salt is electrolytes. With it, you can get back your lost energy again.

Step 5:

At the final step, mix all the ingredients together. In this case, you can use a spoon. When all of the food elements dissolved gradually, here you go with the lemon water. If you want, you can mix some ice cubes in it additionally.

Once, you are done with making the lemon water, you should know the right time to drink it.

In the early morning, when you are the empty stomach, drinking lemon water will be highly beneficial for you.

Again, it can accelerate the fat burning procedure within your body to make you lose additional weight.

How lemon water benefits you in health issues

There are plenty of health advantages to drinking this juicy water. Below some of them are going to be enlisted.

Strengthens your immune system

This soft drink is very effective for the immune system of your body. As I have mentioned earlier that it has a decent source of vitamin C. That’s why it is beneficial for making your stronger to fight with health disease.

In any seasonal ailments, you can drink it and protect yourself from constant illness.

Energy booster

This essential lemon drink is helpful in boosting a great deal of energy within you. It is full of a lot of minerals that is solely enough to recharge your body from getting tired.

Helpful for digestion

This drinking juice works great in developing your digestion system. It is highly beneficial for your stomach. The harmful bacteria that are responsible for weak digestion can easily get killed when you drink it on regular basis.

Detox your body

As it is acidic in nature, it is helpful for removing the toxic elements from your body. If you want to make your body function well, you need to maintain drinking this juice regularly.

Reduce your stress level

Vitamin C in the lemon water contributes a lot for adrenal gland. As a result, it generates hormone cortisol that is effective for lowering stress and anxieties.

It is best for those people who are struggling with stress-related issues every day. I recommend them to drink it regularly to get relief from excessive mental trauma.

Effective for anti-aging

If you are worried about the aging process and upcoming wrinkles on your face, it is the best-suited drinks for you. Early aging won’t affect you for that.

Vitamin C is better for skin health and prevents old aging symptoms.Also, it is helpful for sharpening your brain. You can ask me how? “Well, this is very simple.”

A great deal of potassium is present in it which is enough to boost your memory well.

Check in a Short  video how to make lemon juice for weight loss

Final Words

People who would love to burn their fat can blindly follow this recipe. As you have already known how to make lemon water for weight loss, it’s so simple for you now.

You can make this powerful drink at night and keep it on the refrigerator to drink in the next morning. Thus it will work fast and make you feel confident.

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