How To lock a Role in Discord When You’re on PC/Mac

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How To Lock A Role In DiscordNowadays, there are plenty of software that allow gamer to communicate with each other in game or out of game. If you’re one of the gamer that tend to stay in discord, then you probably know that role locking is a great way to keep users from editing their own roles.

Moreover, Discord is a super useful communication application that is widely being used by gamers and other professionals for communication. But, how do you lock a role in discord?

That is why this article is for you, so that you can follow these instructions and make sure that your role is locked.

Follow The Guide on How To lock a Role in Discord

Well! First you should have account in this awesome application. it can be uses through web browser or download the app which is the coolest things about discord.

So still if you don’t have discord account then click here to create an account

Sign into your discord account

One thing that is really great about Discord is that you can choose to log in using your credentials from other services, including your Google account. This means you don’t need to create a separate account just for Discord, and you can switch between all of your Google-based accounts without whatever the way is, you require to sign in now!

Open Discord on your PC or Mac

Downloading and installing Discord on your computer is a fairly simple process and with our guide, you’ll be up and running within minutes. It helps to know what Discord is though, as the application is mostly used by gamers. I guess you already have this in our pc or mac now just open in browser or from your computer applications.

Please Note: you must own a channel or server administrators to lock a role in Discord

Click the server that hosts the channel

Discord makes it easy to connect with your friends while playing your favorite games. As you love to use it , you must learn how to control the discord channels. Anyone can find Discord server from left side of the application.

Here you require clicking the channel server like the below image show:

Click the server that hosts the channel

Click the Gear  From the channel

If you have already created a server on Discord, you can easily lock it so that only members you have invited can join it. To do so go to the server settings and click on the gear next to the channel you want to lock. You can lock the current channel by clicking on the lock symbol on the right of the channel name. You can also lock specific roles so that only people with that role can join your server.

Before move on this step, you should know which channels role you want to lock. Find that channel and click on the gear what you will find next to your channel name. Still you are confused then see the below window:

Click the Gear Next to the channel you want to lock

Hurry! you done this step as well!

Move To permission setting

Don’t go anywhere you are closed to finish your work!

Here look at your left side from your application  and click on Permission like this:

Move To permission setting

So you are already seen above screen in your browser. Now  go into the advance permissions where you can see different options to make user role limited or lock.

What you need to do just click on cross symbol and scroll down. So you can see all tee settings to make the user role lock.

Don’t forget to press save button after done the above ways.

Final words

We are pretty sure that the guide How to Lock Roles on a Discord helps you to done it. Only the server owner can create, manage, and assign roles to other members. However, if you accidentally enable the feature for all users on the server, other roles can manage, modify, and delete roles that are lower in the hierarchy than the one assigned to them. So be careful and make sure your permission setting is done correctly.

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