How To Get Back Disabled Discord Account

Last Updated on March 27, 2022

You can simply disable the account because you don’t feel like socializing for a few days! In the worst-case scenario, your account might get disabled by Discord for violating the rules. No matter what it is, you still have a chance to get regain it! So, how to get back disable Discord account or enable it? We have it all figured out!

Reasons for Disabled Discord Account

First of all, you have to learn what a disabled Discord account is. You can simply disable the account on your own if you want to have a break. However, at times, this can also occur for some serious reasons.

Reasons for Disabled Discord Account

In case you violate the rules of Discord, your account will be disabled. If you voice any community guidelines, terms & conditions, or regulations of this app, it can disable you too. We recommend you read the Discord terms and conditions right when you open the account.

From hate speech to threatening ones, violence to hacking servers or blackmailing, promoting unethical stuff, or sending viruses can be the reason behind disabled Discord account. Go through the agreement section of Discord to know more about it.

Methods of Regaining Disabled Discord Accounts

We have listed both intentional and unintentional disabled accounts on Discord. Here are the ways to get it back!

Methods Of Regaining Disabled Discord Accounts

Method 1: Restoring Disabled Discord Account

At times, you might disable the Discord account unintentionally. Well, in such cases, you still have a chance of getting back the disabled Discord account. The disabling feature is added to Discord because you might not feel social for a few days. And it’s alright to take a break. And if you are done with the break, let’s join Discord once again!

  1. As you have planned to regain the disabled account, first of all, you have to get into your Discord account from your desktop. Once you have opened the application, log in. Yes, in this case, Discord will show you that the account is disabled.
  2. There, you will see an option called Restore Account. Take your cursor on this option and click it.
  3. After clicking this, you will go through some steps. You have to follow all the steps prompted by Discord.
  4. Once you have filled in the details and answered them correctly, you can easily get back to the account. The account will be opened for you from then.

Method 2: Restoring Disabled Discord Account

At times, Discord might disable your account for a few reasons too. There can be a violation of rules or any other mistake. If this happens, you can check out this process to enable your Discord account.

  1. First of all, get into
  2. Once you get it, you will see a question- What can we help you with? Here, from the several options available, you have to select trust & Safety.
  3. After this, there will be space for adding your email address. All you need to do is put your email address there. Along with this, there can be other required information too. You will see a question- How can we help?  There, pick up the option “Appeals, age update, other questions.”

Note: As you need to provide the email address here, make sure that you are typing the one that you are using for your Discord account that has been disabled. At times, you register Discord using your phone number. If you have done this, here too, you have to mention the phone number you have used for Discord.

discord note

4. After clicking it, you have to go for “Appeal an action taken on my account or bot” and then, once again, to ensure it, you have to select “An action taken on my account.”
5. At this point, you will see some checkboxes there. There will be notes like “you are not too young” or “you have read the Terms of Service & community guidelines.” Go through all the checkboxes and confirm them.
6. And then, it’s time to add the subject along with the description. Mention then and you are done with your job!

Deleted vs. Disabled Discord Account

Some of us don’t understand the difference between a disabled Discord account and a deleted one. You can disable the account on your own and Discord can do it too if you violate the rules. However, if you have chosen to delete the account, there’s no chance to regain it.

If you want to use Discord, you will need a new account. If you disable it, you are free to ask for enabling it again. After disabling the account, you will not get any notifications from Discord.

Wrap Up

However, if your account is disabled and you have to switch it on or enable it for 15 days, you will lose your account. After this period, the Discord account will be automatically deleted and you won’t be able to log in no matter how much you try.

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