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The Overlay is one of the most useful and popular features of Discord. It is the small box in the top left corner of the Client. The overlay allows you to control your music and friends list, while you chat or play games. If your overlay is not working, you may be experiencing a number of issues. The most common issue is related to the graphics driver.

If Discord overlay not working is making life hard for you, don’t worry we have all the information you need right here. Learn how to fix discord overlay not working by following these simple steps. Don’t worry; you can correct the problem in a few minutes.

What is the Discord overlay?

The Discord overlay is a screen that Discord can display on top of a game. It is used to make in-game communication easier. The overlay has been made for the users to get some extra benefit while playing the game on discord. This feature makes sure that you are able using other feature like chat and texting while you buy on discord game.

Main Reasons of discord overlay not working

You might be running an old version of discord

Running Discord can be a bit confusing. First, you have to create an account, and then you have to install it. Once you’re in Discord, you’ll see a lot of different things like servers, channels, friends, and it’s not always clear how they work. Once you get in onto it then make sure you are using the updated version or you will face some function are not working like overlay.

Outdated Browser

As you probably know, Discord is the world’s best chat app for gamers. It’s totally free, secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. With the Discord Android app, you can stay connected to all your Discord voice and text channels even while AFK. Better yet, Discord works with most games, so you can easily join text and voice channels through your favorite games. But if you use an old version of the browser it might cause the discord overlay not to work properly!

Discord servers offline

If you’ve ever been running discord on your computer or phone, you’ll know that the connection is prone to breaking. This can be avoided if you use our guide! We even have a discord server running all the time, so you can test your knowledge. But you must be cautious about your internet connection, to do all these staffs in discord we have to be online on the application otherwise, we might face the overlay not working.

Running a pirated version of discord

Discord Overlay not working? It’s probably because you’re running a pirated version of Discord. Discord is not free and you are not allowed to use it for free. For free you can only use the web client, which is not so good anyway. So don’t use these pirated tools.

How to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

Turn on Discord overlay via Settings

Setting up the overlay is a fairly simple process: first, you add the bot to your server. Then, you set up the bot to join your voice channel. Finally, you enable the overlay in the Discord settings menu to use the bot you just added

Turn on Discord overlay via Settings

From the screenshot the process of turn on the overlay setting is simple. You just need to go user setting from the app navigator. As like the image turn on the Enable in-game overlay from the gaming setting.

Turn on Discord overlay from the Game Activity section

If the problem stayed then the most efficient way to try is to Turn on the overlay from the game activity section!

Turn on Discord overlay from Game Activity section

As the image showed the process, also you can take look here for getting a great short view:

  • Go back to the user setting from your app
  • Scroll down and click on the game activity
  • Now see the green box from the game you are playing now
  • Right there, you can see the bottom says” turn on overlay”
  • Press there and enjoy

Disable hardware acceleration

Missing overlay option caused due to disabling hardware acceleration. Later it makes stop working discord overlay. Anything bad can happen when your discord is running with hardware acceleration enabled. It is an annoying thing, but it can be disabled. Sometimes it causes some system issues on the app running system. To disable it, see the image:

Disable hardware acceleration

Still your app making issue then just make sure to follow the below process:

  • Run Discord as Administrator
  • Disable Third-party Antivirus App
  • Reinstall Discord

Final words

If you’ve tried all the steps and still can’t fix the Discord overlay issue, contact the Discord support team. Go to the support area. You can also contact them on Twitter and Facebook. Write a short message about your problem and tweet!

You will receive a response from Discord within 2-3 business days. Nothing is more frustrating than the Discord overlay not working with the League of Legends bug. We understand and are with you.

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