How To Fix Discord Crashing-The Ultimate Solution

Last Updated on April 6, 2022

Gaining popularity, Discord has become one of the best apps for free voice calls, video calls, and chat. Mostly common among the youth, this app provides you gaming features with your friends too! But what if you see the Discord app crashing again and again while playing or texting?

How To Fix Discord Crashing

There are several methods on how to fix Discord crashing but here, we will only discuss the three most important and effective fixes. Take a look at the fixes and do them one by one. If the first one doesn’t work, go for the next. Mostly, you can also all your Discord crashing issues with the help of these techniques!

Method 1: Updating the Drivers

The first thing you need to do when your discord keeps crashing is updating the drivers. Sometimes, the drivers of your device can be outdated. And eventually, this can be the reason for the app crashing again and again. All you need to do when it happens is to update the drivers. The manual process will help you with the update.

However, if you find it too lengthy, you can also rely on automatic driver update. For this, try to use Driver Easy. Here, we will make it easy for you with this Driver Easy as this can analyze the device and search for the drivers you need for running the device properly. Let’s learn how to work with Driver easily and make updating the app easier!

Step 1: Download Driver Easy

If your Discord keeps restarting, you have to get the Driver Easy first. Go through the website of Driver easy and download it. After downloading, go through the process of proper installation. Once you have installed it, you are ready to proceed with the next steps.

Step 2: Scan the PC

Now that you have got it, you have to run it. There, you will see a green option named Scan Now. You need to take your cursor on the Scan Now option and start the scanning process. The work of Driver Easy is to scan your PC first. And then, it can easily detect all the troubles of your driver to provide you with a proper solution.

Scan the PC

Step 3: Set it up

In this position, you will see an UPDATE ALL option there. You can update the drivers according to your choice too. But if you want to fix the problem automatically, you have to go through the UPDATE ALL portion and select the option AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL.

Set it up

In this way, Driver Easy will download all the necessary updates you need and will install the appropriate versions of all the drivers of your PC that are outdated. However, you will need the PRO Version of Driver Easy in this case.

Step 4: Restart the App

Now that you are done with downloading and installing the necessary updates, you are free to work with the Discord app. But before that, it is necessary to restart the computer. With this, your PC will be compatible with all the changes that you have made!

Step 5: Test it

After restarting, get into the Discord app. All you need to do is what you regularly do in Discord. Test the app so that you can understand if the crashing problem with the app is dealt with or not. This method works great for almost all situations where discord crashes when screen sharing.

Method 2: Deleting App Cache and Local Storage Files

Whenever the discord screen share crashes game, you can follow the previous method. But if it doesn’t work out, you can always go for deleting the app. The reason behind this problem is sometimes the files or cache of the app gets corrupted. All you need to do is delete the app to make it better.

Step 1: Type it

First of all, get your hands on the keyboard and search the Windows Logo Key. All you need to do is press the Logo Key and R together. By typing this, you will get the RUN window before you. There is a place for typing in this tab. Go through that and there, type %AppData%\Discord. Once you have typed it, you have to take your cursor to the OK option and press it.

Type it

Step 2: Delete Cache and Local Storage

It will take you to the Discord Folder. In the list of folders, you have to search for the Cache folder. When you find it, you have to get in. Once you get into the folder, get your hands again o the keyboard and press Ctrl and A together. This will help you select all the files in the Cache folder. And now, all you need to do is delete them all! Press delete on your keyboard and all of them will get deleted.

Delete Cache and Local Storage

It is time to get back to the Discord folder once again and then search for another folder. This time, you have to search the folder named Local Storage. Find it and get in. Once again, you have to select all the folders of the Local Storage and then press delete to remove all of them from this folder.

Discord folder once again

Step 3: Test it

When you are done deleting all of these cache files and local storage files, you are free to go to the Discord app and enjoy it. If there is an issue with the corrupted files and if this problem is resulting in discord screen share crash windows, the problem will be easily solved after this!

Method 3: Installing Discord

By installing Discord, we meant to talk about the latest version of Discord. In most cases, the fixes we have mentioned will do the work. But even after that, if discord screen share crashes app, it is time for you to install the new Discord app available for your operating system. Cleaning the old folders and creating the new ones can help you fix all the basic problems you are facing! Let’s learn how to do it!

Step 1: Type it

At first, take your fingers to the keyboard and there, you have to press the Windows Logo Key + R. After pressing it together, you will see a new tab named RUN just like the first method. When you get the RUN window, all you need to do is type “%AppData%\. Once you are done, go and click OK. This will take you to some folders directly.

type it discord

Step 2: Delete Discord Folder

There, you have to search for the Discord folder. Do not get in. You have to take your cursor on the folder and then right-click on the folder. By right-clicking, you will get a new sub-menu. From the sub-menu, you have to select the DELETE option as you are going to delete the whole app! After deleting, feel free to go to the next step for uninstalling the app once again!

 Delete Again Now that you have deleted the app, it’s time for you to get Discord again. Stay in this window and go up on the Address Bar of this window. In that place, you have to type “%LocalAppData%” And then, on your keyboard, press enter.

Step 3: Delete Again

Now that you have deleted the app, it’s time for you to get Discord again. Stay in this window and go up on the Address Bar of this window. In that place, you have to type “%LocalAppData%” And then, on your keyboard, press enter.

Delete Again

This will take you to a place where you will see some other folders once again. And from this list, you have to search for the Discord folder. Just like before, all you need to do is delete the folder by right-clicking it! In this case, you might be asked some additional questions. Go through the prompts and confirm them so that you can delete the folder completely.

Step 4: Uninstall the App

When you have deleted both of the folders, you are free to uninstall the new app available. Go through the keyboard once again and there; press the Windows Logo Key+R. As the RUN program will appear on the screen, you have to type “appwiz.cpl” and after that, press ENTER to reach the program.

Uninstall the App

Once you get a new window, you will find a list of programs. This is the place where you can uninstall any program. From the list, you have to search for the app. Once you get the Discord app, right-click the app first. Then, you will get several options. From the options, you have to pick up the Uninstall option.

the Uninstall option

Step 5: Download and Install

So, finally, the Discord app is uninstalled! You are ready for installing it again! But before you do that, it is your time to restart the PC. This will help the PC work better and accept the changes you have made.

And after restarting, all you need to do is go to the official website of Discord and from there, first, download the app and then install the app just the way you install any other apps. After installing, check the app and see if the discord streaming crashes the discord app or not. The highest possibility is it won’t crash anymore!

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Final Words

All these methods of how to fix discord crashing are for PC. If your question is “why does discord keep crashing on my phone and how to solve it”- keep your eyes on our blog. We discuss all you need for Discord. Bear with us a face the Discord issues like high school math!

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