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Last Updated on April 15, 2022

For voice chatting, discord is gaining public support every day! It has gained popularity fast. But if you want the utmost comfort while talking in Discord, you have to go through some settings that can cancel the background noise and deal with the poor audio quality and static. Today, our discussion is on how to enable Mic on Discord and make the conversation smooth!

Step by Step Discord Mic Enabling

Discord is a company that makes server software for gamers. They’re also a popular client for gamers to play games like Fortnite, PUBG, and many others. One of the popular features that Discord has is an integrated voice chat system that you can use in-game to communicate, with a few integrations and add-ons you can even use Discord’s voice chat system for group voice chat for gaming, video chatting, or other things.

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Step 1: Find the COG Icon

Open the Discord app and go to Settings. There, you have to find the COG icon which is beside your name in the bottom part of the app.

Find the COG Icon

Step 2: Go to Voice and Video

Now, go through App Settings and search for Voice & Video. It is placed at the left part. By clicking it, you will see a menu that will help you enable the Mic on your Discord app.

Go to Voice and Video in discord

Step 3: Change the Default Settings

So, once you are done with the Voice & Video, you have to select the Mic that you want to use in Discord. You can also go for the headset in this case. For this, find the drop-down menu first. You will find it in the Input Device option there.

Once you find the device that you want to add, you are ready for it. In this case, don’t go for the default settings. If you do, it will select the microphone that is selected already by the operating system.

Change the Default Settings

Step 4: Set the Volume

And you are done setting the Mic. In this case, there are chances that the microphone can be too loud for you to endure. You will see a slider on the left part of your screen. All you need to do is hold it and move it according to your preference.

You can take it to the left if you want to keep the volume low and take it right to make it loud. Also, make sure you test it before you save the settings. Look at the LET’S CHECK option below, click it, and listen to it!

Set the Volume from discord setting

Step 5: Set the Respond of the Mic

In this way, the Mic of Discord will be activated when there is a noise. If you want the Mic to respond only when you go through the corresponding key, you can set up the push-to-talk option. You will get Push to Talk or Voice Activity options to settle for this.

  • Push to Talk: When you go for Push to Talk, you have to select a key that can activate the Mic. For this, you have to go through Shortcut and then Record Keybind. There is a specific slider right under Push to Talk Release Delay.

Here, you will be able to set the time delay between the Mic deactivation and the releasing of the key. Go through Keyboard Setting to add a push-to-talk shortcut.

Set the Respond of the Mic

Voice Activity:

You can also go for Voice Activity; you can easily set up the sensitivity settings. This app is capable of working with the Mic sensitivity in a default manner. In case you want to turn it off, go for the toggle and press it. Now, find the slider here and move it for higher or lower sensitivity.

Voice Activity in discord

Final Thoughts

In this way, you can easily get the Discord app and enable the Mic there. These steps are enough for you to enable it. In case you want some additional voice settings, rely on the ADVANCED tab for more! With this app, you can go for Echo Cancellation, Auto Grain Control, Noise Suppression, and a lot more! Check it out!

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