How To choose Domain Name for Your Business


So you are very excited that we make a business plan and now you need to chose a domain name for your business but can’t settle down!!

That is why I am prepare this for you if you are in that shorts of interesting trouble!


What to ensure when we buy or select domain name for us!

  • Keep this short
  • Prefer .com domain
  • Keep this Brand able
  • Ease to remember
  • Ease spelling words
  • Domain history check
  • Keep it related with your niche

Now you just feeling why we should follow those and how they can effect in your business!

Let’s have a close eyes in below:

In case of Short name:

We don’t want that our customer or audience being tied by writing domain! Also some time we avid the site which has long domain name . So best is to take a domain name which are short and interesting to the people!

Why we should choose .com?

As we have so many options like, org .info, extension but most of the people love to write .com after a domain name. This proven that we feel comfortable to write .com. so to give people more comfort and relaxation we should go for .com!

Why our domain should be Brand-able?

Start business that means we are going make new brand name to the customer and would love increase the popularity of it. An addition, we never think that we will run business and help other brand to be popular through us. So take unique name once day that will be a famous brand of you!

To represent your business new and brand-able domain name would add more value to you!

Why we need to check the domain history check?

Others factors like, right spell words and ease to memorize also play vital role for business respectively.

What are the things that we must avoid while choosing domain?

  • More than 3 words
  • Misspelling
  • Dashes (-)
  • Words that you Never heard
  • Trade mark word
  • Numbers


Some Resources that can help you To find the Right Domain



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