How to Calm an Aggressive Dog- Control Aggressive Dog Easily

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A pet dog is very faithful and loyal to his owner.  You must have a soft corner in your heart for your pet dog. Going for a morning walk with your dog may be one of your desires in search of getting immense pleasure in your mind. But your delightful outing may turn into troublesome experience when your dog ferociously barks and growls at anybody or other animals. So if  you are interested to know how to calm an aggressive dog read all of the paragraph of this article.

Aggressive dog behavior creates tension for any dog owners. Aggressive dogs create fear provoking situation that sometimes goes out of control for them. Sometimes dogs may behave like an antisocial way. Most of the dog owners don’t know how to calm an aggressive dog in an effective way. Here are some useful simple techniques for you to calm your aggressive dog. You can follow these tips to get rid of from abusing attack of your aggressive dog.

Aggressive dog training tips

Aggressive dogs may cause any harm to others. So a dog owner needs to adopt some management rules to avoid the aggressive behavior of his dog.

Stay calm and be patient

Aggression creates more aggression. You should be tricky to calm your agitated dog from aggressive mood. That’s why you need to be patient and stay calm at that restless situation. Screaming or lording your voice won’t help you enough to control the aggression of your dog. The first thing you need to do is to find out the reason of his aggression. Try to figure out what instigates him to roar and violate. Then remove those aggression provoking elements from his surroundings and make him assure that everything is alright.

Your dog can bark or snarl for several reason:

  • Stranger visits your home
  • To chase other dogs
  • People try to threaten him
  • If someone tries to steal his food

Sometimes he can growl when he gets injuries. A dog owner needs to find out about that.

Without aforementioned reasons, there may have many reasons that incite your dog to be more aggressive. A dog owner need to find out the reasons behind his restless and aggressive behavior and should stay calm. Try to remove those enticing and influencing objects that make him behave aggressively. Show a little bit compassion and speak softly with your dog. Trust me it can make a good solution to your problem.

Understand nature of your dog

A good dog trainer understands a dog’s behavior’s a dog owner; you also need to be aware about that. You should not treat your animal in a cruel way. Your cruel behavior towards your dog increases chances to make them more aggressive .Using fear, threat and force, to manage your angry dog can make matters worse than before. That’s why you need to understand a dog’s behavior. Aggressive behavior is not natural for a pet trained dog. If you are watchful and carefully study his behavior, that will be an easy task for you to calm down an aggressive dog. Try to befriend with him and gain control over him. That’s the perfect way to build a good relation with him and understand his nature. When you are dealing with your dogs, you need to keep some issues on your mind and those are

Dogs generally don’t like any touch on his belly, tail, feet and ears. So never make any mistake to do this wrong task. Woo your dog in his back or on the top of his head.

Never startle him while he goes sleeping. If you do so, you are inviting unwanted danger towards you .He can bite or kick you to make self defense.

Treat him with his favorite dishes

Hunger can drive a dog to excessive angry state. So another easy way to calm down a dog is to provide him with his favorite snacks. Once you hold his favorite dishes in your hand, he will make hurry to have them forgetting aggressive mood. That’s another easy way to control his  anger tactfully.

Regularly exercise your dog

Regular exercise helps your dog acquire mental stability and refresh their psychological state. They adopt aggression as a weapon when they feel insecure. So when you offer your lovable company to them in their regular exercise, a good friendship will grow between you two and you can understand his nature as well. Physical exercise will make your dog feel animated and enables them to release their pent – up energy.

Consult with professional trainer or veterinarian

Some dog’s aggression cannot be cured with your utmost efforts. In that case you should seek help from professional trainer or veterinarian.

Dog aggression is a serious issue and a dog owner should not take any risk to fix this problem alone. In that case, a professional dog trainer can help you to gather comprehensive ideas to manage your angry dog from his extreme level of aggression.

Sometimes, some   medical issues can fuel your dog to be aggressive. So a dog owner should consult a veterinarian to perceive the underlying medical issues. So he should be more watchful and caring to his dog. “My dog is angry towards me, ‘’ my dog is not taking any food’’;’’ My dog’s hair is losing its density’’. This statement of yours will help your veterinarian treat your dog properly. So whenever you are in a deep trouble to maintain your aggressive dog, consult with a professional trainer or an expert veterinarian.

Final word

A pet dog is a loyal companion of you. It can shower you with authentic loyalty and adorable love.  He is a constant and capable guard to save you and your home from unexpected danger so you should treat your dog with love even when he gets angry. You should know how to calm an aggressive dog. Your imprudent decision of making punishment to manage your dog will surely increases possibilities to fuel your dog towards excessive aggression. I admit that dealing with an aggressive dog is very terrible and frightening matter. But won’t you do a bit of compromise for your dear puppy?



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