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Last Updated on April 27, 2022

For gamers, especially, Discord is now a program that you cannot ignore! No matter it is voice chat or video chat, Discord can be highly beneficial. But not all the users of your server should be the same priority!

And so, Discord made roles so that you can assign the users for different roles depending on their priority! Check out how to add roles in discord both on PC and mobile and thank us later!

Add and Assign Roles in Discord PC

To add roles, you have to learn how to create them at first. Here’s a method of setting up the roles and then we will talk about assigning roles.

Step 1: Go to Settings

First of all, you have to get in login and get into Discord. Go to the server and in Discord, check the server name. Beside it, on the right, you will see a small drop-down arrow added. Here, you will find “Server Settings.” For now, all you need is to click that button.

Step 2: Add Roles

Once you are in the “Server Settings,” you have to search for the ROLES option. You will find it in the left pane. In the ROLES, search for a single role named @EVERYONE.

Add Roles

Once you find it, go through the buttons and get your hands on the PLUS or “+” option. It is located in the middle of the top part of the pane. This will help you in adding the roles you require!

Step 3: Name and Color

Now, you are free to add roles. But, in this case, you have to name the roles too. Add something descriptive as the name of the role. After naming it, select a color for the role. This makes it easy for the user to find the role in between operations.

Name and Color

Step 4: Permissions for the Users

One of the most important steps on how to add roles in Discord is learning about the permissions because it is related to your security. Then, you will see 32 different permissions.

You must go through all of them and review each of them. Here, you will find the ones that you want the role to be associated with. There will be a toggle option beside all the “permission.” Only toggle the ones that you prefer for the specific role you just added.

just added

Step 5: Save the Changes

After toggling the ones you need, you have to save the changes you made. Go through the bottom part and settle for SAVE CHANGES. At times, users forget to save the changes they have made.

In that situation, a dialog box will preview on your screen to ask if you want to save the changes or not. If you agree, you have to press YES or SAVE CHANGES (if you haven’t done it before.)

Note: Your role is ready. Now, you can add the number of roles you need in this way. Don’t forget to go through the permissions and select them keeping in mind the people you trust.

Step 6: Assign the Roles

It is time to assign the roles to the users. Check the right-hand pane and there, you can select the users. Select them according to your choice. After selecting it, have a look below the username. You will find a “+” there. And you will get the role from the menu here!

Go to Settings for mobile

As we are talking about adding roles and assigning them, you might ask how to make someone admin in Discord. For this, while setting the name of the Role, you have to name it ADMIN or ADMINISTRATOR.

And then, go to the GENERAL PERMISSIONS, select ADMINSTRATOR and save it. Just like we have mentioned above, search for the user that you want to assign the role of admin, right-click the username and then select the Roles! That’s it!

How To Add Roles in Discord

Note: For easy role adding, pick up Roles and right-click the user. You will get to see a pop-out menu on your screen. Here, you can effortlessly choose the roles you prefer!

select the role prefer

Add and Assign Roles in Discord Mobile

We have talked about how you can add roles in Discord. But some of you use Discord on your Smartphone! So, we will also discuss how to make roles in Discord mobile! Have a look!

Learn how to lock discord role here!

Step 1: Go to Settings

Get your hands on your phone and get into the Discord app. Go to the SETTINGS option and search for the MEMBERS option. There, you will see an option named ROLES too!

Go to Settings for mobile

Step 2: Add the Usernames

Once you are there, check for the usernames. You have to select the username and then add the existing role to the user you have selected!

Add the Usernames

Step 3: Select the Checkboxes

In this position, you will see checkboxes beside the member’s name. Tapping on the checkbox will show you which role has been assigned to which member!

Select the Checkboxes

How To Add Roles In Discord

Wrap Up

Adding roles and assigning the roles to the users is not tough at all. If you are a Discord user, you already know how to do it! But if you are new, our guide on how to add roles in Discord will surely help you out!

Don’t forget to let us know what problem you face while using the program! We will try to come up with solutions!

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