How To Add GIF in Slack-The Ultimate Guide

Last Updated on February 11, 2022

Adding GIFs is fun because more than messages, GIFs can explain our current situation! A face is better than letters, isn’t it? If you are a user of Slack, you must be wondering how to add GIF in Slack! If you are new, no worries, we are here to help you out!

Methods of Adding GIF in Slack

Now that you know how to Emoji to Slack, we have mentioned how you can add GIFs here. You have mentioned three different methods for your convenience, take a look!

How To Add GIF In Slack

Method 1: Go for Slack GIF Integration

There are a lot of Slack GIF keyboards available on the Slack app directory. In various ways, you can add Slack to a GIF keyboard. Among them, GIPHY and Tenor are the most popular.

You can also get your hands on GIFMAGAZINE, SlashGIF, Gfycat, GoGif, etc. If you go through the directory, you will see a lot of apps dedicated to specific kinds of GIFs. You can settle for The Coding Love GIFs if you are a coder.

Also, Kulfy App for Indian GIFs are is available. For the DevOps teams, you can settle for DEVGIF too. Skim through the apps to know more.

  1. No matter which app you go for, you will get the GIFs only by pressing the /gif command.
  2. After this, you have to search for a specific phrase by typing it. At times, you might not like the first lot of GIFs that come before you.
  3. In that case, tap on Shuffle or View More (depending on the app you have selected.)

Method 2: Online GIFs

You might not want to go through tons of GIFs to find the one that you like. What can you do in that case? Simply, settle for online GIFs! Yes, you are free to find your favorite GIF online for Slack.

The online GIF collection will be your savior for sure. Some websites can help you here. We recommend you settle for GIPHY. On this website, you will be able to comb through a lot of GIFs and get the right one for you!

  1. After you have got the GIF you desire, all you need is to share it! To share it, first of all, you have to click on Copy Link.
  2. Once the link is copied, you have to carry this GIF in Slack. There, all you need is to paste the link and you are ready with the GIF!
  3. In this case, you will see that the GIF has appeared. There will be no redirect here. Once you press the send button, the GIF will be sent. Now, all you can do is wait for another GIF response from your co-worker!

Method 3: Custom GIF

Well, you don’t have to like the previously made GIFs! At times, you might comb through all the GIFs and spend hours on them resulting in not finding the right one for you. If it happens, don’t worry, you have another way to add GIFs in Slack! This is when you should plan on making custom GIFs!

It’s easy to custom make the GIF you like by using apps like Droplr. There are other apps available like this one too. These will help you in converting a specific video into a GIF without a lot of effort! Also, if you want to create a GIF with a series of images, you can do it too!

Use the apps and create the GIF you desire. With these apps, you can also edit GIFs that are premade. It’s easy to add stickers and texts along with trimming or cropping the GIFs with apps like Droplr.

  • Once you have learned how to create custom GIFs for Slack or any other apps, you are free to add them to Slack. For this, you have to copy this one and paste it into Slack.
  • In either case, you can also plan on uploading the GIF as an attachment. To make it work, go through the previous methods we have explained. And in that way, you can send your GIF to your co-worker.
  • At times, you might plan to screen record the GIF with the help of apps like Droplr. If you follow this method, you can simply copy and paste the generated short link. And then, sharing it in Slack is just the same!

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How To Add Gif In Slack

Wrap Up

Checking the GIFs in apps and online for adding them in Slack is easier. However, custom-making GIFs isn’t going to be easy for you. Also, keep in mind that most apps that create custom GIFs won’t show it on the message directly.

Instead, the person you are sending the GIF won’t see it on the platform. The user must click the link you have provided so that they can open the file and take a look at the GIF.

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