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Last Updated on August 6, 2022

From NSFW content in the wrong areas to sexually graphic content with minors, there are thousands of cases that every day gets reported in Discord just like any other app. And not to mention, harassment of adult content without consent are also comments.

Apart from these, self-harm, suicide, animal cruelty, and pirated software- you cannot count the reasons why you should report a server! But well, when you see or encounter something wrong, you should report it! So, how do you report a Discord Server and what are the steps? Let’s learn about it!

Step by Step Guide to Report a Discord Server

Here’s the complete method of reporting a Discord Server without any complications. Stay tuned for more information.

Step 1: Gathering Proof

When you plan to report a Discord server, your first job is to take screenshots. If there is any violation, you must gather proof against it first. So, it starts with taking screenshots. You have to certify that you have made copies of the message ID and the messages. You cannot report any server without these proofs.

Here, we will tell you how to take proofs depending on what device or you are using for operating Discord.

copy the message

how to report a discord server on Mobile/Android

  • When it comes to Android devices for Discord, the first step for reporting is easy. All you need is to go through the message first and long-press it. Then, you will see several options in the drop-down menu appearing before you. From the list, search for the option SHARE and press it!
  • Once you have pressed Share, you have to move forward by copying the link. Here, you need to copy the link to the clipboard. You will see the options below. Press Copy for copying the link.

how to report a discord server on Desktop

In some cases, you might use Desktop for using Discord. And in this case, if you want to report a server, gathering the proofs will require link copying. Here’s how you can do it.

  • First of all, you have to take your cursor and hover over the message of the sender. Go through that message and right-click it. And then, you will see a drop-down menu appear on the screen. From the list of options, you have to select Copy Message Link there. And the message link will be copied.

how to report a discord server on IOS

If you are using iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, you can copy the link in the following method. Check it out.

  • First, go through the message that you want to report. Get your hands on that message and long-press that message.
  • Long press will bring out a drop-down menu on the screen. From this drop-down menu, your job is to search for the option Copy Message Link. Tap on that option and you have already copied the link as proof!

Step 2: Save the Links

For now, copying the link and gathering the proofs are done. It’s time to ensure that the links are saved. In this case, you have to save the links in a document.

If you are planning to report for more than one message, this method can be beneficial. After you have saved the links you have copied, you are really to move to the next step.

Step 3: Check Trust and Safety Form

Once you are done copying and saving the documents, you have to submit the request for review. You have to get into the Trust and Safety Form for submitting the request.

Check Trust and Safety Form

When you get into Trust and Safety Form, you will see a question bar “what can we help you with?” You can always go for a different request form.

Step 4: Fill up the Form

So, you have got the form already. You are free to fill it up now. Go through all the questions mentioned in the form and your job is to answer them rightly. There will be questions on the Subject, Description, How can the Form Help You along with your E-mail.

Add the answers in the specific boxes and then, you have to add the links you have collected. Along with the links, you might need to add the screenshots you have taken.

Step 5: Add the Necessary Information

After you have replied to all the important questions the form had and added the links, screenshots, and other documents, you are done! Now, your job is to submit the form.

After the submission, you have to understand that you have reported a Discord Server. Discord will let you know about what are their thoughts on this and how they are going to take steps against it.

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Wrap Up

We always suggest you report if anything goes out of the line. From your safety to theirs safety-everything matters. Your one report can protect you from harassment, sexual graphic content, adult content, and a lot more.

It might save a person from suicide or self-harm. After you have reported a Discord server, Discord will let you know how they have dealt with the issue.

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