How Do I Get Someone’s IP from Discord-Step by Step

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

Yes, we know several people will tell you that you can’t get someone’s IP address from Discord. We must mention that the platform is highly secured and will not entertain leaking user information. But you cannot deny the third-party methods! If you ask- how I get someone’s IP from Discord then we have your answer!

Method 1: Using Discord IP

Here, we will tell you how you can use the Discord IP and bring out someone’s IP address with the help of this one! Keep in mind these methods are only for knowledge-purpose and not to harm or leak any user’s information.

Discord IP Grabber

First of all, to execute this method, you will need the IP Grabber. The Discord IP Grabber works for catching the IP address of any person that will create a specific link. So, what is this link? This will be a unique link and it will be purposely set up.

The job of the link will be to extract the IP address. Yes, you can always plan on creating your own Discord IP Grabber, it’s quite appreciable.

However, we don’t have time these days! So, Grabify has made the job easy for us. This Discord IP Grabber tool will be ready for you; all you need is to ensure that the person clicks the link.

Step by Step Method of Using Discord IP Grabber

  1. Your first and foremost job is to go to Grabify and take a look at it. As you need to prepare it, check it properly and ensure that you know the ins and out.
  2. Now, it’s time to prepare the IP Grabber URL for you! There, you will see a box available for you. In the box, you have to enter a valid URL. You can settle for anyone that’s valid. An easy trick is to add a meme in the URL box. In the case of a meme, most people will surely open the link.
  3. To prepare the URL, first, go to Google, and search for a meme or whatever you like. Search for any image you like now. Click on the image you have decided on. Make sure you right-click on the image. And there will be an option to copy the link address. Your job is to copy that link first.
  4. Once you have copied the link, you have to come back to the IP Grabber tool. In the URL box, you need to paste the link you have copied from Google. After pasting it, check the two options available below. There’s an option called Tracking Code and another Create URL. You have to settle for Create URL.  Click it and make sure you have selected the ”I Agree to Create URL” when the notification pops up.
Step by Step Method of Using Discord IP Grabber

5. When you are done with the previous step, you have to wait a bit. In the following screen, you will see the link information added there. There will be a new URL available. So, you have got the URL you needed. You can simply send this URL to that person and if the Discord user opens it, you can learn about the Discord IP address.

6. In some cases, you might want to learn about the user’s screen orientation along with the ISP Company to agent and system time. If you do, you have to go through the Smart Logger option there and toggle it.

link informations

7. If you want, you can make the URL shorter. As the Grabify name is available in the link, you have a chance of getting caught. So, if you like, you can hide it too. Go through the ‘link shorteners” available there and pick up any of them!

link shorten

8. Now, it’s time to save the tracking ID. You have to go through the access link that is displayed on the link information page. Bookmark the link so that you can check the IP addresses caught via Grabify.

Method 2: IP Catcher

If you are planning to get someone’s IP address from Discord, a way to find it is via creating an IP catcher. But yes, we must tell you that the method isn’t easy. So, what is an IP catcher? Well, for the newbie, let’s do a bit of briefing.

You can simply create a website first. The work of this website is to extract the IP address of anyone that is visiting the website. That’s what we call an IP catcher. After you have got the address, you can simply save it in a database.

This method is quite technical. Unless you are an expert in this, you should not try and get your brain bashed! But if you still want to do it, first of all, you need to create a web app before you create the website. And then, you can work with Django and JavaScript! In the final stage, hosting is also necessary.

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Wrap Up

We have described two methods of getting someone’s IP address via Discord. The second method however requires a lot of patience because it’s technical. Go through any of them and let us know how you have pranked your best friend!

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