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Anal itching One of the joint disease and its effects on health, including the life of patients. Therefore what is anal itching? What are home remedies for anal itching? Read below to have satisfactory answers.

Anal itching is a pathology occurring when the skin around the anus is irritated. Many people suffer from anal itching, frequently, especially at night, which causes discomfort, insomnia, and affects health. With a standard anal itching condition, patients often feel quite hot, pain, and itchy in the anal region. With a severe case, patients feel burning, itchy, and uncomfortable. The itchy anus, taking place in the area is sensitive not only to health but also affected the quality of work, everyday life by sick people often lose confidence concerned communicate, meet friends, strangers.

Home Remedies For Anal Itching

Is the anal itching dangerous?

The itchy anus is a disease not causing immediate dangers to the health of the patient, but if you do not treat it correctly, it can cause dangerous complications to the health. Some popular complications include scrotum itching, small or big labia, which is one of the causes of the inflammation affecting fertility.

The anal itching also causes inflammation of the anus, which cracks the anal wrinkles easily. As a result, the patient has to suffer from deterioration of the nerve, sleeping loss, appetite loss, and discomfort around the anus.

This disease is particularly dangerous for women. The anal structure is situated near the vagina, while there are many bacteria in the anus, so it is easier to lead to diseases hazardous to the fertility of females.

Also, an itching anus is also a symptom of some dangerous diseases such as hemorrhoids, anal fissure, anal fistula, inflammation of the skin due to nerves, pinworm, anal eczema.

Home remedies for anal itching

Use garlic to cure the anal itching.

Garlic contains a high content of selenium mineral. Selenium is an antioxidant substance that increases the protection of the membrane, prevents cancers and cardiovascular disease. Besides, the garlic has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, so it is one of the most effective home remedies for anal itching.

Just take some cloves of garlic and crush to get juice, then use a cotton swab to apply the garlic juice to the area of anal itching. Leave overnight, rinse with warm water the next morning. The treatment with garlic is straightforward and quite useful in the case of anal itching by pinworm.

Remove the anal itching with saltwater

Salt has antiseptic properties, so the solution from this material helps you to say goodbye itchy symptoms, discomfort in the anus easily. Dilute a little salt with warm water to soak anus in 15 minutes. Persist in doing this method for several weeks, and you will see the expected result.

Treatment of anal itching by heartleaf

From the ancient to present, heartleaf has been referred to as a master doctor to cure hemorrhoids and some skin diseases effectively. Also, houttuynia cordata is used to treat itching anus.

It is effortless to use heartleaf to cure the anal itching: pick 1 handful of heartleaf and cook them with water, then use this water to clean the itching in the anus. You also can apply the cooked heartleaf to put on the anal itching region for about 20 minutes, then take it out. Doing this method regularly about 4 times a week will see the anal itching reduces fast.

Apple Cider vinegar

Fungal and yeast infections can lead to anal itching. For these infections, apple cider vinegar is one of the best home remedies for anal itching, which helps control the infection condition.

How to use anal itching

Blend two tablespoons of pure ACV in a cup of water. Use this mixture for drinking this mixture twice a day. Another way is to mix about 100ml of ACV into a hot tub. Dip in this water for 15-20 minutes per day. Repeat the treatment for a few days until the anus irritation and itching reduce.

Aloe vera

Thanks to calming and soothing characteristics, aloe vera can decrease anal pain, anal inflammation, and anal itching. Aloe vera also can relieve the irritation caused by hemorrhoids, which is one of the significant causes of itching anus.

Steps to use aloe vera as below:

  • Removing the spine peel of a green aloe leaf, and cutting it into pieces
  • Extracting its gel and rubbing it around the affected anal area in 5 minutes.
  • You are doing this way many times per day to goodbye the itching and pain. It takes a few hours after each time.

What to do to avoid itching anus?

  • Stay away from the spicy dishes, and kinds of seafood such as shellfish, shrimp, mussel, etc.
  • Limit the drinks easily irritating alcohol, coffee
  • Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables, fruits
  • Enhance activity, exercise daily
  • Bath with warm water, clean the anus after defecation
  • Change underwear every day, don’t wear too tight underwears
  • Can use ordinary anti-itch medications to relieve the itchy condition
  • When getting itchy, you should minimize the scratching, which causes ulcers, inflammation of the anal region.

Here are the 5 simple home remedies for anal itching. They are natural, simple, and easy-to-do methods, but you need to be patient to get the results as expected.

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