10 Secret of Becoming  Freelance Content Writing

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Do you want to start content writing? What are you waiting for then? Let’s get started!

In this digital era, where there are numerous online jobs provided by various companies or organizations, writing content like- articles, short stories, or reviews of different products can be an amazing way to start your own profession. But, no matter how much effort you put in, it becomes difficult to reach out to a wide audience if you fail to present relevant information with uniqueness.

There are some steps that every successful writer followed. Let’s step into their shoes and see what’s their secret to become what they’re today.

Here’s how to start online content writing

becoming  Freelance Content Writing

1.Research through various sources

In the case of content writing, one of the vital things to do is generating loads of ideas, and to do so,  it’s required to enter the research zone quite often. Once you find a piece of information, it’s not necessary to write it down directly. Instead of that, take a moment to research a bit more on that data. Find out if it is authentic or not. After that, make a note of it.

You can’t get tired of researching. Because a lack of research can lead to a misconception of the central content.

2.Uniqueness in writing

The writing style is the identity of a writer. Every person is unique in terms of their personality and taste of choice. So, there’s no doubt that they should have a varied writing style too.

There are different authors who write books about the same category. Although the base of their information is quite similar, the style of one’s writing can be easily differentiated from the style of the other. That’s how they get popularity among readers. It’s almost the same for content writing.

Remember, the will to thoroughly follow someone else’s writing style is totally wrong. You can obviously take inspiration from your favorite writer, but don’t just be a copycat!

3.Spend more time thinking about an attractive title and introduction

Writing a killer headline is a pivotal task, that determines the number of readers who will read your content. Your headline should be such that it will force people to click on the content and check it out. For example, if you search “How to finish the whole syllabus in a short time?” on google and the results appear like this:

  1. Finishing syllabus in a short time
  2. How to finish the whole syllabus in one night? 3 EASY TECHNIQUES!!
  3. How I’ve finished my long syllabus in a short time.

Daniel tells his story of success.

Which one will you read? The second one, right?

Now, let me explain why you’ll do so. The maximum number of people like to take shortcuts. Further, they love things that seem thrilling. So, your title should be indicative of an easy and non-exaggerating route.

4. Keep it simple

No matter what you’re writing, you have to take your audience into account. Your sentences should be simple. Most people might not be capable enough to get through complex sentence structures. So, you have to keep that in mind. Moreover, the vocabulary should be easily understandable. Even an elementary school kid should be able to read and understand that. Try to keep your writing specifically for a group of people.

If you’re writing for beginners, give an explanation for any uncommon terms. But, if you’re writing for people who’re already introduced to the terms and definitions, stop stretching over it. Keep it more and more informative.

5.Do not mix up different writing styles

There are different types of content. For instance-

  • *Articles
  • *Case Studies
  • *White Paper
  • *Blogging
  • *Ad copy
  • *E-book

All of them are different from one another by their style. Writers definitely don’t write Ad copies and E-books in the same manner.It is important to know how to write all these contents so that you can be cautious about maintaining the ideal style of any of the types mentioned above.

6.Pick a particular area

You’ll come across many writers who can swiftly do multi-tasking and write on any topics. But, when you’re starting as a beginner, you have to be specific about your field of writing. By doing so, you can be clear about your proficiency in that area. If you have a good sense of making ghost stories, you can initially start writing that. Gradually, you can expand your arena.

7.Bring creative ideas

Anybody can write passages on a given topic. What makes a content writer different is their ability to pair up creativity and relevant information together. When a person starts thinking out of the box, he/she automatically sets a mark in the world.No,it doesn’t mean that content writing is equivalent to rocket science. You just have to think from a different dimension.

8. Check again and again

When you finish writing, you’ve to check it multiple times(twice or thrice) to find out any unexpected errors. While checking, you can search for :

  • -sentences not in line with the topic;
  • -spelling mistakes;
  • -punctuation mistakes;
  • -grammatical mistakes;

Taking this task lightly can leave a negative impact on your audience. Because no one will read content with errors.

    9. Give a good conclusion

To make the content valuable for the audiences, it is very important to write an impactful conclusion The readers can remember the content for 3 months. Similarly, they can forget content in 3 minutes. The part of the content that makes it long-lasting in the human brain is the conclusion. Those last words will keep revolving in the reader’s mind. So, write the last words carefully.

    10. Take the feedback seriously

The readers will give feedback on your writing. If it’s appreciative,  you’ve to keep doing more such works. But,if it’s criticizing, don’t be disappointed. Work on the flaws. Rectify the mistakes. Eventually, you’ll do good.

Online free training Course for content writing

You can learn the basics of content writing from a few amazing online courses. The best free online courses websites are:

What do you need to write content?

You’ll need a few provisions to write content and they are:

  • A laptop or desktop with a secure internet connection.
  • Microsoft word.
  • A task planner to be conscious of the deadlines.
  • A Skype or Zoom account for video conferences or meeting with the clients.

Ultimately, if you want to become a successful content writer, pay attention to your clients and readers. Their opinion about your work is really important for your future projects.


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