How To Get a High Quality Do follow Backlink From Google Plus

This is very ease to get a quality Backlink from Google Plus and you can do just in a couple steps. Let’s see what the steps are in a very quick time:

Here you go:

Let’s have a Back link from Google Plus profile

Login to your Google Plus account

Click on profile

Click on edit story

Then write some words targeting your site. Use good anchor text and use insert link option for getting what you want.

Such as your niche is “health” your introduction will be like: I love healthy food and always like to go hung out for healthy recipes. I also have a healthy tips blog to write on.


Still if you are able understand what and how to do then follow the below steps with screen shot.

Login in to your Google Plus Account. Then just click in the profile option. For your sure just see below screen shot:

click on profile


Now you need take your mouse in about option like below:

 the about option like below:

After clicking on about us you will see below window:

Click on yellow mark option to edit the Introduction. And you will see something like below picture. You will able write your introduction in your own way by targeting your niche and blog. If you like you can get more than one link from the box.


 can get links


From above just click on okay. Cheers! you have create a high quality links in less than 15 minute.


Happy linking….




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