Discord Rythm Bot Commands-How to Use Them

Last Updated on March 13, 2022

If you are in Discord, you might want to settle for a music streaming bot. And this is where the name of Rythm Bot comes in! Providing you a lag-free music aura, it will afford you access to YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, and must more!

But do you know about Discord Rythm Bot Commands and how to use them? If not, no worries! We are here to help you out!

The Prefix

Before you learn how to use Discord Rythm Bot commands, you must learn about its prefix! No matter you are commanding play or pause or shuffle, queue, or resume, you will need to use a prefix for the command. And for Rythm Bot, it is “!”

How to use Discord Rythm Bot Commands

  1. If you want Rythm Bot to play, all you have to command is “!Play” and then, you have to write down the name of the song you want to play. In this case, you can also add the YouTube URL here for playing the song after the prefix along with the command.

2.And when you do it, everyone in the specific group will be able to listen to this song! Make sure you are not using the quotation mark we have used before and after “!Play” and you are free to command!

  1. Whenever you plan to use the other command for skipping or removing and in some cases for lopping, all you need to do is add the prefix. And then write what you want to command. Discord Rythm Bot will do as you say!

To learn more about the command list that you use in Rythm, you can check the whole list. After that, it will be easy for you to command with it!

  • For accessing the lyrics of the song you are playing now, you have to type !lyrics
  • If you want to loop a sing, you have to go for !loop
  • In case you want to queue, you have to type !loopqueue
  • In some situations, you might want to search the song on YouTube directly. For this, type !search and then write down the song name. All the available links of the same name will appear before you.

How to Stop Spamming Bot Commands

Spamming, or sending unsolicited messages, is annoying. Bots are even worse. They crawl the internet and flood websites with annoying ads. Bots spam in some of the most annoying ways possible: autoplaying videos, constantly redirecting you or setting up fake email accounts. It’s a tough problem to fix, since bots and spammers are constantly changing. That’s why it’s important to learn how to stop spamming bots.

  1. When you are dealing with the Bot Commands, there are things you must worry about. Sometimes, people often spam Rythm commands on all your channels. And eventually, it leads to spam! You must ensure that they are not doing it. To keep them away from spamming the commands, a separate music control text channel can be highly helpful for you! All you need to do is go through the Text Channels and search for the “+” sign. Click the sign and you are ready!
  2. Here, you will see a Create Text Channel box appear below you. First of all, go through the box of Channel Name and then give it a name. For remembering it properly, you can provide it a name that is related to music control. And then, you are free to Create Channel. And make sure you have checked the Text Channel option above the Channel Name instead of Voice Channel.

A good idea is to settle for the commands that are working specifically on your channel only. Yes, when the same commands are working on other channels, why will people use the specific channel you have created for controlling the music?

And that’s the reason it is necessary to make sure these commands you are using are not available on other channels. It will force the users to come to your channel and use the commands you have created to control the music! In that case, you can block other channels too! Here’s a process of blocking other channels easily! Take a look!

  1. First of all, take your cursor on the channel that you want to block. Now, double-click on the name of the channel. Among the several options, you will find, search for Edit Channel. Once you find it, click it.

2.A box will appear on the screen and there, you will see an option called Permission. Check the left sidebar to find this option. After clicking Permissions, you will see a “+” sign there. It will be beside the Members/Roles. You have to select it. And there, you will see Rythm when it comes. And do the same here, select it!

3. It will take you to the Rythm Role permissions view. Get in and go through the Read Messages permission. You have to turn it off. After you turn it off, the Rythm will not be able to read any messages for your channel! And eventually, people will not use other channels as music control channels anymore! Go through the same process and apply it to all the text channels in your server. And now, you have to only ream channel!

How to Reset Rythm Bot

With the help of the settings, you can easily change the Prefix “!” if you want. Along with this, you can go for the Blacklist if you want to disallow any text channel Rythm for use. With it, you can work on the Autoplay option too.

And then, you are free to play a pre-defined list of songs comfortably. But make sure you use Premium-only if you want to use this feature. Along with this, you can enable or disable song announcements too! As Discord Rythm Bot goes through a lot of commands and changes, at times, it fails to work properly. This is when you need to reset the Rythm bot! How to do it? Let’s learn!

  • To reset the settings you have changed back to normal or default, all you have to do is use a command. In this case, you have to command @Rythm#3722 settings reset. Or you have to go for !settings reset. And when Rythm will prompt you, you have to settle for YES and reset it!

How to SETUP and USE Rythm Bot On Your Discord Server!

Wrap Up

The only downside of Rythm is it doesn’t support Spotify! In the future, it might also support Spotify making it one of the favorite music bots on Discord for the users! It is not only reliable but also doesn’t lag and responds to all of your commands! You will assuredly like it!

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